Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x10

20170310_144439In the “Superhero Grand Finale” the top 3 home bakers will compete in their final challenge to become the Kid’s Baking Champion and win $25,000. Valerie “Cake Crusader” & Duff” Dessert Man” announce the bakers have five hours to make a One-of-a Kind Original Superhero Cake, plus an Archenemy Super Villain!


Aidan says he is less into superheroes and more into baking, so he starts on a Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil cake with Mascarpone frosting before he comes up with a superhero idea.


Kaniyah is also using rosemary lemon flavors in her Blueberry Infused Cake with Lemon Icing. Her superhero is Catastrophe Girl who travels around the world and  keeps catastrophes from happening. She creates a Mr.Rotten Potato villain out of crushed cream cookies and melted butter.


Justice’s superhero and villain are inspired by his passion for weather: The Weatherman and bad  Mr.Sunshine. He is making a tricky rose flavored cake. Justice says, rose represents Hope, Love and Balance, “That’s the doing of The Weatherman!”


Aidan is having some issues. His mascarpone frosting doesn’t work, his cakes smell like scrambled eggs 😮 , the tops are burned and he still doesn’t have a super hero idea! He starts to panic, but keeps it together. He finally comes up with his hero and villain: Prism vs Dismal!Kaniyah uses toothpicks to guide carving her cake into the shape of a shield but has trouble decorating a city onto the sides. It’s very messy and her superhero sculpture is falling apart. She says, “My cake is not how I wanted it to look.”Justice’s cakes look great but his fondant has cracks. He decides he can cover the mistakes with clouds. He sculpts Mr. Weatherman with a cape and puts a “W” on the top.

Time is up.

Justice’s three tier cake looks amazing. His decorations are done well. His cake is moist and he gets the rose flavor just right. Duff would have liked more flavors, like pistachio or honey. Mr. Sunshine is made of marshmallow rice cake. It is nice and gooey and tastes great. Duff tells Justice, “I judge a lot of baking championships, and the execution of this cake here, is on par with any of the adults. You did an amazing job.” 🙂

Aidan describes his superhero for the judges. “My superhero is Prism. He is a being of pure light and shines it through color and emotion and life.” Archenemy Dismal takes away life and energy and color. The cake looks stunning and taste delicious. The lemon flavor with rosemary is amazing. They like his signature Swiss buttercream frosting but wished it was the mascarpone he had promised. Valerie says the cake took the judges to another dimension. They loved it. 🙂

Kaniyah’s Lemon Blueberry Rosemary Cake is very colorful and fun, but it looks a little messy. The cake is dense and tastes more like a blueberry muffin. It tastes very good but is a little dry and chewy. Her potato villain tastes great, The judges like how she combined the cookies with butter, a delicious surprise. Kaniyah’s  cake was bright and fun and festive, just like her. 🙂

After much talk, and discussing the superhero cakes, the judges pick a winner. They say it is always a close race in the finale, but this is the closest it has ever been. All three bakers did a great job.

The winner of the Kids Baking Championship is …………… AIDAN!!!! He is so shocked he says “I won? I won?” Everyone comes together for hugs. “I have a whole butterfly migration going through my stomach right now.” Aidan is very proud of himself and he is happy he got to make lots of new friends.

I was so happy for Aidan, he really deserved it. 🙂  And I loved how his superhero cake story was about love and healing. He is an amazing kid.


Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x09


In this “Molecular Kidstronomy” semi-final episode the kids have 90 minutes to make a delicious dessert using two different molecular gastronomy techniques. They can use “Spherification Chemicals” to turn juice into little caviar-like balls of liquid flavor. Or an “Immersion Circulator” to quickly infuse flavor into things. Or “Tapioca Maltdextrin” to turn a fat, like butter, into molecular snow. Or a “Smoking Gun” to add smoke flavor to anything. And there is a twist. They also have to hand whip cream for their dessert using a funky antique metal whisk.

Aidan is making S’Mores Tart with Smoky Ganache and Peanut Butter Snow. The dessert will have a smoky flavor like something cooked at a campfire.


Cole is making Infused Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Raspberry Caviar. He loves apple pie and make them for his family all the time.


Justice is making Spice-Infused Apple Cobbler with Smoky Apple Ice Cream. He’s in the competition to prove “Boys can bake!”


Kaniyah is making Smoked Berry Pie with Hazelnut Chocolate Snow & Raspberry Ice Cream. She hopes to win the championship so she can expand her cupcake business.


Aidan is having problems keeping his whipped cream in the bowl. And his tart shells are falling apart. He goes to plan B – Deconstructed Tarts. “Because when all else fails, deconstruct.” Cole has to nix there raspberry caviar pearls because the chemistry doesn’t work for him! He switches to Peanut Butter Snow, just like Aidan.

With 8 minutes left, Kaniyah realizes she forgot to hand whip the cream. She starts to freak out and begins to really cry. Aidan runs over to help her, “Kaniyah I’m coming!” He whips her cream while she finishes her hazelnut snow. He is such an amazing friend. 🙂 A genuine moment!!!

At the last minute Justice’s ganache is super watery and doesn’t swirl like he wants it to. He says, “I’m just angry at that ganache.”


Time is up. And everyone just finishes. Valerie says, “OKAY YOU GUYS, DON’T EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!”

Aidan’s Deconstructed S’Mores Tart looks good but it’s a little messy. Duff says, “It really does taste like I’m eating s’mores at a campfire. Really good.”

Cole’s Apple Pie looks good and the ice cream is perfect. But the pie filling is dry and crust is raw on the bottom.

Justice’ Apple Cobbler has the best looking whipped cream and a biscuit topping. The apples are delicious and the ice cream is good but not too smoky.

And, Kaniyah’s Berry Pie tastes good, but there is not a lot of smoky flavor. The judges love her hazelnut snow.

The first one in the Finale is … AIDAN!


The next one in the Finale is JUSTICE!


and lastly … KANIYAH!


That means Cole is going home. 😦


Valerie says, “Cole, you are an awesome baker. You just had a bad day today.” Cole is in tears and all his friends hug him goodbye and tell him he is an amazing baker. 🙂 He says, “I’m proud of myself for making it this far. I’m going to keep baking and use lots of glitter.”







Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x08

In this “Pet Shop Joys” episode the formidable five remaining kid bakers have 90 minutes to make desserts inspired by one of five adorable little critters: silky chicken, turtle, guinea pig, rabbit or a mini pig. The kids have to pick a card to find out their animal, plus make a tiny dessert pet for their animal too. Their dessert can look like their animal, be something the animal eats or in some way be connected to the animal they choose.

Aidan is happy he got the Turtle because that is the one he wanted. There is a pond at the end of his street that has loads of turtles and he feeds them all the time. He is making a dessert that looks like a turtle. It is a Vanilla Cake and Frosting with Chocolate Shell.




Kaniyah is hoppy (ha!ha!) she got the Bunny Rabbit because she knows rabbits eat pineapples and knows how to make pineapple upside-down cake. Valerie is not sure about that, but Kaniyah says “Don’t you doubt me!” She’s making a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake with Pineapple Ice Cream.


Justice got the Guinea Pig. He really wants to make a pie. He has used peaches a lot at home so decides he is making Mini Peach Pies. He says he will use his big imagination to connect his pies with Guinea Pigs later.


Cole got the Mini Pig and immediately thinks of bacon, his favorite part of the pig. :O He decides he will try adding bacon to his dessert for the third time this season. He is making Baked Maple BACON Doughnuts!


Audra got the Silky Chicken whose name is Einstein because he has a big fluffy head. She is making a Banana Cake with Vanilla Frosting. To connect her dessert to Einstein she will add fondant chicks on top of the cakes.


When the kids find out they have to make a mini project pets for their animals everyone on the kitchen gets a little stressed.Cole’s doughnuts are too big and needs time to fix them. He starts too freak out when he finds out he needs to start another project, but he pulls it together when Valerie gives him a pep-talk. He decides on a fondant spider mini pet (Charlotte) for his mini pig (Wilbur).Aidan is having a lot trouble with his chocolate shells and has to start them over. With very little time to spare he decides his Turtle’s mini pet will be an orange colored buttercream frosting fish. Aidan is rushed down to the last minute to plate!With only 40 minutes left Justice finally gets his pies into the oven. He uses his extra ingredients to make little Guinea Pig babies as mini pets. He wraps extra peach pieces in left over pie dough and cooks them in the deep fryer to make little peach filled donut holes with eyes!Kaniyah decides she will make Kitty Cat Sugar Cookies as her mini pet twist to go with her cake and ice cream. She wants to show the judges she can make a good sugar cookie after last week’s fail.


Time is up.

Justice connects Guinea Pigs with Peach Pie with a story about a nasty hawk and the judges buy it. His mini pet donuts are a little greasy but still tasty. His pie looks nice and crispy, Valerie likes his lattice work and the crust is cooked perfectly. It tastes very yummy.

Cole’s Maple Bacon Donut links to his mini pig for obvious reasons and he tells a good story about the mini pet connection, using Charlotte’s Web as inspiration. But Duff says the spider looks like a tick and Valerie says the chunk of fondant is inedible. The donut is great combination of sweet and salty. It is more like a pound cake than a donut, but still tastes great.

Aidan’s Turtle Cake is very creative but the execution is messy. The judges are disappointed that the mini pet fish is just a blob of frosting, but the chocolate covered cake has great taste. The judges just want to see more from Aidan flavor wise. Valerie says, “We know now you can make a perfect vanilla cake and perfect buttercream. Now, what else can you do?”

Kaniyah’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake is a big hit. “It’s better than mine.” “It’s out of this world!” “The best I’ve ever had!” “All I want to do is put my face into that pineapple upside-down cake.” Her min pet cookies look okay, but they are undercook. No redemption there.


Audra’s barn yard love story about Einstein and Bella chickens makes the judges laugh. Her mini pet egg baby is a little weird though. And too big. Her Banana Cake looks well done but is missing decorative details. The banana flavoring in the cake is way too strong, but the cake is moist and best she has made.

Justice and Kaniyah are the top 2 bakers today, and Kaniyah wins first place!


Aidan and Audra are in the bottom. And the one going home his … Audra. She says, “Even though I didn’t win, I’ve shown the whole world that I can bake well. And everyone here is so nice, I’m just going to miss them, but as soon as I get home I’m going to hug my cat. I’m excited to see her!”The four remaining kids hug her good bye and tell her they are going to miss her so much.



Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x07



In this “Mobile App Cookies” episode the six remaining kids have to make and decorate a dozen sugar cookies in ninety minutes. They have to grab three make-believe App name magnets, decorate their cookies with three different app designs and come up with fun explanations of what the apps do during tasting. They also have to add a citrus flavor to their cookies: orange, lemon or lime!


Audra is making lemon sugar cookies. She wants to make up for the last time she made a lemon flavored dessert and “totally bombed.”


Justice starts by putting rose water in his cookies, but after learning about the twist decides he will be using oranges for his citrus flavors. Justice is really getting more confident in himself as the competition goes on.



Jason is also putting orange in his vanilla cookies. When he gets his dough together he doesn’t listen to Justice about putting the cookies in the blast chiller to firm up before cutting into shapes. This could be a problem.


Cole picks lemon for his citrus twist. He wants to impress the judges, especially Valerie, by using lemon juice and lemon zest. He adds a little extra flour to make the dough just right.



Kaniyah is making orange sugar cookies. Her station is very messy. When Duff asks her what’s going on, she says, “I have no clue. I’m the Cookie Monster. :O



Aidan chooses limes because no one else is using this citrus flavor and he wants to stand out. He adds zest and lime juice. Then he adds more juice for more flavor and it makes his dough very wet. He says, “Oh my gosh! This is a disaster!”


The simple sugar cookie challenge is turning out hard for some of the bakers. Audra’s cookies are very messy and uneven. Jason burns his cookies! Kaniyah forgot to add her orange and has to roll her dough all over again. And Aidan takes his cookies out of the oven too soon.


Time is up.


Cole’s cookies look great and he has three good stories about his make-believe apps. His cookies taste good, but his frosting is very thin and he put too much rose water so they taste a little perfumey.


Audra’s cookies are almost bare! And the decorations don’t tell the story of app game. Valerie asks about her time management today and Audra says, “I felt like I was moving fast, but I guess I went slow.” Her lemon cookies taste yummy though.



Jason’s cookies don’t look so hot. Duff says he agrees with Jason that decorating is not his strong suit. His cookies have good texture but Jason has no stories to tell about his apps. The stories were an important part of the challenge.



Justice’s cookies look good and he has 3 very imaginative stories. His orange flavor cookies are delicious. Valerie says his cookies have the best flavor but his app designs just needed a little more color. Justice is really starting to be a front runner in the competition.


Kaniyah’s app stories are really fun and they go well with her decorations, but the fondant is too thick. Her orange cookies are chewy and crunchy means she over worked the dough and they taste a little bland.


Aidan has great stories for his apps, but his decorations are a bit disappointing. The lime cookies are flavorful but underbaked.


Cole and Justice’s cookies are the top 2  … Justice wins the Mobile App Cookie Challenge!


Jason and Audra’s cookies put them on the bottom and the one going home is … Jason L


It is getting harder and harder to say goodbye. The other kids look very sad and hug Jason good bye. He says, “I’m feeling a little sad. But I’m still thankful that I made it this far. And it was awesome to be able to meet Duff and Valerie in person. CHOCOLATE!” 






Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x06



The sixth episode of the season is called “Breakfast Desserts.” The kids have to cook cakes that look like either waffle or pancake stacks. Aidan, Audra, Cole and Justice are on Duff’s Waffle Team. Kaniyah, Jason and Reese are on Valerie’s Pancake Team. Everyone on the winning team will be safe from elimination. Someone from the losing team will be leaving the competition.

Jason is making a vanilla pancakes cake. He used to love pancakes until he discovered crêpes. Jason says if he wins Kids Baking Championship he wants to open a Crepe Stand called Jason’s Crêpes and Bakes.


Aidan is making a cinnamon roll stack of waffles cake. He wants to redeem himself after last week’s disaster éclairs. He will have to master cooking cake in the waffle iron to do so.


Audra is making a strawberry cheesecake waffle cake. Strawberries are her favorite fruit so she is excited to get started but she is having a hard time getting the cooked cake out of the waffle iron.


Kaniyah is making a rainbow lemon pancake cake. She has been making pancakes since she was 7 years old and she is all smiles.


Reese makes pancakes for his family all the time and knows how to do it. He is making a carrot cake pancake cake with cream cheese buttercream. His pancakes break apart when he tries to flip them.


Cole is making a chocolate hazelnut waffle cake with bacon and frosting between layers. He wants to be the first boy Kids Baking Champion and his waffle cakes will have to be good to get him there.


Justice is making an orange waffle cake because orange juice completes a balanced breakfast. He is not big on waffles because he is not a breakfast guy. “I really like to sleep.”


Aidan says, “The thing that will make this waffle stack special is his cinnamon, brown sugar, butter swirl mixture, a nice thick almost kind of a sludge, but the best possible kind of sludge.” His first batch burns and falls apart. But Aidan does not freak out and makes a new batch.


The judges announce the kid bakers have to decorate their cakes with a kids’ cereal. Aidan is happy to pick cinnamon crunch cereal because it will go perfectly with his waffle and ice cream dessert. Kaniyah is doing well with her colorful pancakes and adds fruity crisps. Valerie notices she is having a lot of fun and dancing a lot. Kaniyah says, “I’m liking this challenge!” Justice picked corn flakes to add texture. He is using curd between his waffles. Duff says his frosting piping is professional chef quality. Reese is really struggling with his pancakes that have all fallen apart! He forgot to butter his griddle before cooking them. He stack the pieces like making a puzzle, using his frosting like glue. As time winds down Justice comes over to help Reese get his dessert finished.

Time is up.

Audra’s cake looks pretty bad, it fell apart. Her waffles are nice and crispy, and the strawberry flavor works, but the frosting is very sweet and the corn cereal doesn’t really work.

Justice’s cake looks spectacular. The waffles are delicious, the buttercream is very good but the curd is too sweet and too bitter. Too much sugar and too much orange rind. Otherwise, a perfect dessert.

Aidan’s cake is a little messy, but Duff says it is a good messy. He made ice cream too, which the judges love. His waffles are really good. Valerie says he could put less sugar in frosting so you can taste the cream cheese more. Overall, great job.

Cole’s waffle cake looks gorgeous. The bacon and cake tastes great, but Duff wanted the bacon cooked a little longer. Otherwise his flavors go together really well.

Reese’s cake is a mountain of mess. When the judges taste it they immediately notice it has way too much nutmeg and the chocolate toping is too sweet. But they like the added crunch of the rice cereal in the delicious cream cheese frosting.

Kaniyah’s rainbow pancake stack cake is beautiful. Duff says, “It looks like Dr. Seuss made it!” The judges like the cake and buttercream flavors. Duff and Valerie disagree about the lemon flavor. Too much or just enough?

Jason’s cake looks festive and happy. The judges can tell he had fun making it. When they taste it the cake is dry and the frosting is way too sweet. It didn’t taste as good as it looked.

The winning side is … waffles!


Aidan has the best breakfast dessert. “I can’t believe I won. I was in the bottom last week and I won the waffle challenge!”

Kaniyah’s pancakes keep her safe. Reese and Jason are is the bottom and the one going home is … Reese. 😦

He says, “Even though I’m going home, this is one of the best things that happened to me in my whole entire life. I think my whole family is going to be proud of me and how long I’ve stayed here.”

All the kids give Reese a big hug goodbye and tell him they will miss him. 🙂





Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x05


In this Throw Back Dessert episode the kids have to make homemade éclairs inspired by popular 1970’s desserts. They each pick an “old fashioned” dessert and have to use three key elements in an up-to-date trendy éclair.

Justice is making a Black Forest Cake inspired éclair by using whipped cream, chocolate and cherries. He has been making eclairs since he was two years old and they always come out good at home.

Aidan who loves eclairs is making a Banana Cream Pie inspired éclair by using bananas, vanilla custard and graham cracker crumbs. He thinks this challenge will be easy and fun.

Maya is doing a German Chocolate Cake inspired éclair showcasing chocolate, coconut and pecans. This kind of cake is not her thing and she is very worried about getting it right.


Kaniyah is making a Cherry Cheesecake inspired éclair using cherries, cream cheese and graham cracker crumbs. She loves making cheesecake at home and she wants to make the best cheesecake éclair ever.


Audra is making a Chocolate Pecan Pie inspired éclair using chocolate, pecans and brown sugar. She is happy about this challenge and says “It’s my time to shine!” Audra wants to buy her cat lots of toys when she wins Kids Baking Championship.


Jason is making a throwback Grandma’s Apple Pie éclair with cinnamon, apples and nutmeg. He is feeling very confident with this simple dessert.


Cole is making A Coconut Cream Pie inspired éclair using vanilla custard, coconut and whipped cream. He does not like eclairs and he is having trouble with his batter.


Reese is making a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake inspired éclair using pineapple, brown sugar, and cherries. He is very excited to get this cake because his recently made one and he knows what to do.


Maya’s second pate a choux is also too thin and she starts to cry. But Valerie helps her clam down and they walk through the recipe and technique. She tries one more time.


Duff and Valerie give the kids lunchboxes with dried fruit inside. The extra twist to this challenge is they also have to incorporate the dried fruits into their éclairs. No one is thrilled.


Time is up.

Justice’s éclairs taste amazing. The dough is perfect, crispy on the outside and eggy on the inside. The pastry cream not too sweet and the fresh cherries are a nice surprise.

Audra’s éclairs look okay, but they are not consistent. The filling tastes good but it is very thick and doesn’t spread out inside the dough.

Aidan’s éclairs don’t taste like banana cream pie because of the strawberries he added to hide the date flavor. Unfortunate misstep, but otherwise they looked good.

Jason’s éclairs have no glaze which the judges wanted to see. His cream is a little thin but the flavors worked.

Cole’s éclairs are a little blonde, not crunchy on the outside like they should be. The chocolate really works with the added cranberry.

Maya’s éclairs are too flat. Duff thinks the dough had too many eggs. The flavors are there, but the textures are off.

Kaniyah’s éclairs have very good filling and they are nice and sweet. Duff says, “It really makes me think of cheesecake.”

Reese’s éclairs are a little wonky and need more cream in them! But he was creative by putting the raisins in the dough.

Justice and Kaniyah’s éclairs are the top 2 and the best Throwback Dessert goes to … Justice!

Aidan, Maya and Reese’s éclairs are in the bottom. The baker going home is … Maya. 😦

She says, “It’s really sad, but you’ll see me, probably in the White House, or probably in space, or something big. So watch out for me!” 🙂

Reese picks Maya up as all the kids surround her for a huge group hug. Her feet dangle in the air and the sweet way the kids are with each other really charms Valerie.





Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x04

20170206_110704In this “Color Me Wow” episode all the kids have to make a tie-dye cake bursting with color and flavor.

Audra is making an Orange Cake with Orange Buttercream Frosting. She uses a lot of orange extract which makes Valerie nervous.


Keili is making an Apple Cinnamon Cake. She is adding shredded green apples and lots of liquidy die to the batter. Duff isn’t sure how that is going to work out.


Jason is making a simple Vanilla Cake with strawberry puree. He is adding food coloring to layers of batter for the tie-die effect.


Kaniyah is doing the same as Jason. She has never made a tie-dye cake before, but she has seen lots of videos on how to do it. Unfortunately, her cakes are not baking in time and she starts crying! 😦

Reese is making a Yellow and White Cake with American Buttercream. His inspiration comes from a tie-dye shirt he made for his fourth grade graduation. He hopes to impress the judges by making two kinds of batter, but it takes a lot of time.

Maya is making a Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Buttercream. She doesn’t have a lot of batter so she is baking a single layer cake and hoping for the best.


Aidan yet again has the best idea with his White Cake with Strawberry, Orange Lemon and Lime. Each color of cake has its own flavor!

Cole is making a White Cake with Airbrushed Fondant. He is very confident because he loves making cakes and makes them at home a lot.


Justice is making a Strawberry Vanilla Cake. He has never used strawberry powder in cake batter before, but he is hoping for the best.


Then the judges say they want the contestants to make swirled ice-cream to go with their tie-dyed cakes. The kids are getting pretty stressed.

Cole is making vanilla ice-cream with a strawberry, mango and passionfruit swirl. Aidan is making vanilla ice-cream with a raspberry and passionfruit swirl. Jason is making a raspberry jelly to swirl into his ice-cream. Maya is making a vanilla ice-cream with a raspberry sauce. Reese first batch of ice-cream base is over whipped and curdles so he starts his vanilla ice-cream all over. Then he swirls in blackberries. Audra is making vanilla ice-cream with orange white chocolate swirls. Keili is making cinnamon ice-cream with a raspberry coulee swirl. And Kaniyah is making a vanilla-blackberry swirl ice-cream.

The cakes are coming out of the ovens. Aidan’s drop from his pans perfectly, but Kaniyah’s cake is not completely cooked. And Keili’s cake is hardly cooked at all. 😮  It collapses and SHE CAN’T FIX IT!!!! Decorating goes better for the bakers who have enough time to do a good job.

Time is up.

Aidan’s cake looks really cool. When the judges cut into it Duff says it is colorful and pasts the tie-dye “shirt test.” The cake is very moist and tastes delicious. Valerie is impressed by the orange flavor of the orange colored cake. Aidan’s ice cream is very creamy and not too sweet.

Cole’s cake looks stunning and it was the perfect time to use his trademark glitter. The cake is very moist and tastes amazing. Cole’s ice cream has good texture and great flavor. Duff says it tastes just like his mother’s ice-cream.

Audra’s cake has beautiful colors. The cake is moist, but Valerie’s face tells us something is very wrong. The judges say the orange extract flavor is much too strong. Her ice-cream also has too much extract. Duff says, “Extract is not juice. Big difference.”

Keili’s cake is a collapsed raw mess. Duff says when she added the wet ingredients to her batter she changed the chemistry of the cake and it couldn’t cook all the way through. But, luckily, her ice-cream is delicious. Could it save her?

Kaniyah’s cake is messy and she is afraid it didn’t cook all the way. When she starts to tear up Valerie assures her it will be okay. Duff says it is a little raw in the middle and dry on the edges, but the colors and flavors are good. Her ice-cream is fine, but could use more flavor in the swirl. Overall not a bad job.

Justice’s frosting has a cool ombre effect from light to dark. The cake has bright colors and tastes moist. It’s very good. His ice-cream is great and he has the best looking swirl.

Maya’s cake is really “short” but it has a colorful sprinkle topping. The slice is very moist and tastes great but the sprinkles are too much. Her ice-cream was very well done with the best tasting swirl.

Reese did not finish frosting his cake so it looks bad, but Duff says the layers are stacked nice and straight. Inside, the colors are bright and beautiful and the buttercream is good but the cake is a little dry. Reese’s ice-cream is tasty but the blackberry swirl needed more flavor.

And finally, Jason’s cake looks really good. Duff says his fondant job is actually not that bad. But when they cut into it, the cake is crumbling and falling apart! Maybe because he put the hots pans into the blast chiller? His ice-cream tastes good but the swirly parts taste weird  because of lumps of frozen corn starch.

Cole and Aidan are the top 2 tie-dye bakers. Coles was the grooviest!

Reese, Kaniyah and Keili desserts are on the bottom. And the baker leaving is … Keili. 😦

Keili said, “I’m really disappointed because I know I can do better. But I learned that I can do anything, because I did this.” 🙂

All the kids give her a big hug goodbye! 🙂





Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x03


In the third episode the kids have to make DESSERT IMPOSTERS! Sweet dishes that look like savory dishes. Each kid chooses an order ticket which tells them what diner-style-comfort-food they have to bake.

Justice got fried chicken. He is making fried chicken lemon cake with gum paste bones.


Aidan got meatball sub. He is making pâte à choux buns with meatball brownie filling.


Kaniyah got grilled-cheese sandwich. She is making almond cake bread with almond paste cheese.


Maya got a roast beef sandwich. She is making yellow cake bread with brownie meat.


Audra got mac and cheese. She is making a deconstructed lemon pie.

Reese got chili. He is making chocolate ganache with nuts, chicken cake and filo dough chips.


Dylin got a hot dog. He is making vanilla cake bun with a buttercream hotdog.


Cole got meatloaf. He is making chocolate cake and strawberry coulis loaf with pecan top for added texture. His cake starts to ooze out of the pan so he covers it with aluminum foil


Jason got a burrito. He is making pound cake chicken and homemade crepes for tortilla.


Keili got peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She is making a white cake sandwich bread with peanut butter chip and grape buttercream fillings.


Then the judges say they also have to make dessert imposter chips and salsa! What?

Jason is psyched because chips and salsa will go great with his burrito. He makes deep fried crepe triangles and colored milk chocolate and buttercream salsa. Keili makes thin cake chips with chocolate malt coconut flakes and sprinkles. Aidan makes sugar cookie chips with pureed fruit salsa. Reese already has filo chips for his chili so he makes raspberry compote salsa. Dylin also makes filo chips with diced apple and cherry salsa. Kaniyah makes filo chips with blood orange puree and coconut salsa. Maya makes chips out of deep fried crepes with colored coconut flake and mashed frozen cherry salsa. Justice makes filo dough chips with watermelon and apple puree salsa. Cole makes deep fried puffed pastry chips with mango-pineapple salsa. And finally, Audra makes fried dough chips with passion fruit puree and mini marshmallow salsa.

Time is up.

Jason’s chips and salsa are amazing and his burrito looks real and tastes very good.

Aidan’s chips and salsa are just okay. The fruit salsa needed more seasoning. His meat ball sub looks just like a real sub and it tastes amazing.

Reese’s chips are a little thin but his salsa is good. His chili looks good but its tastes a little weird. Valerie doesn’t like the boiled nuts.

Keili’s chips are like yummy donuts, but the salsa is a little dry. Her PB&J doesn’t really look like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but it tastes just like one.

Cole’s meatloaf dish looks impressively real with mashed potatoes and green beans. And it tastes good, too. But the judges think that the glitter on top takes away from the presentation.

Kaniyah’s salsa doesn’t look like salsa, but it tastes great. Her grilled cheese looks exactly like a real Texas toast sandwiched and it tastes delicious. “You eat it, you swallow it, you like it!”

Audra’s salsa looks like tomato soup with crackers but tastes pretty good. Her max and cheese doesn’t look very good and is too bitter and too sweet.

Justice’s salsa is the best looking salsa of the day. His fried chicken leg looks great and Duff says the flavors are “Spot on.”

Dylin’s chipotle salsa has a little too much red dye and his chips were a little too thin. His hot dog looks a little messy and is underbaked. His buttercream is delicious.

Maya’s chips are good but her salsa is too bland. Her roast beef sandwich doesn’t really fool anyone but her cake is beautifully baked.


Aidan, Cole and Jason are the top 3 Imposter Bakers and Jason’s dish is the very best.

Audra, Dylin and Maya are in the bottom 3 and sadly, the one going home is Dylin. He is a good baker and everyone is going to miss him. All the kids hug him goodbye.




Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x02




The second episode of KBC starts with the top 11 young bakers walking on the set to see a giant volcano and learning they have the make a volcano cake. They have two hours to use two Bundt cakes and create a literally smoking cake.

Cole is because he has made a lot of volcano cakes before. Today he is making a Chocolate Cinnamon Strawberry Cake which he says should taste just like a chocolate covered strawberry. Aiden asks him what he is doing and is wowed by the addition of pop rocks. 🙂


Jason is making a Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Aiden thinks his ganache looks good. 🙂


Justice says volcanoes have to do with geology and weather, and he’s into both of those things. He is making a Raspberry Sour Cream Bundt Cake with raspberry frosting because he is into raspberry flavor. Aidan checks in with Justice because he says it helps to know what he is up against. 🙂

Keili has never made a volcano cake before but she has walked over volcanoes so she still feels really confident. She is making a Lemon Chocolate Cake. She covers her mixer with a towel to keep the ingredients in and to hide it from Aidan. 🙂


Maya says she is a little weirded out by the giant volcano, it’s bigger than her. She tells Aiden she is making Vanilla Sour Cream Bundt Cake and she plans to build on the decorations. “Aaahhh,” says Aidan. 🙂


When Aidan thinks of volcanoes he says he thinks of lava erupting and tropical places so he is making a Passionfruit Volcano cake with Banana Buttercream.


Kaniyah is making her volcano cake with her favorite, strawberries. She is using macerated strawberries in the batter to make a Strawberry Chocolate Cake. Her Dad always loves this cake.


Dylin has never made a volcano cake before, but he has made a volcano for science class. He hopes this helps. He is making Vanilla flavored cake.


Reese says he is up to challenge of sculpting the volcano cake because he has helped his mother in her bakery. Sometimes her sculpting is so good people think she is selling purses, not cakes.


Charlotte is making a Ginger Chocolate Cake. She is adding Greek yogurt to add extra moisture and tang.


And finally Audra. She is making a Raspberry Puree and Sour Cream Bundt Cake but she is moving slowly. Cole’s cakes are out the oven already. Aidan tells Audra she had better get her cakes in soon so they will cook in time. 🙂

Then the Judges say the kids have to make at least four edible boulders along with their volcano cakes. Audra is now in double trouble with time.

Reese is using rice crispy cereal treats to mold his boulders. This is a professional move he probably learned from his mom. Dylin steals the idea and makes his boulders this way too, but nearly as big. Justice is making his out of his left over cake wrapped in fondant. They look just like hunks of volcanic ash. Similarly, Jason wraps melted chocolate in black fondant. Charlotte is doing boulders 2 ways. First, is just a ball of white and black fondant mixed together. Second, is a melted chocolates in a mold. Keili also mixes fondant for gray color and adds chocolate chips for texture. Kaniyah is dipping a huge chunk of fondant in chocolate crumbs. Cole is using pecans to make truffles. Very edible. Aidan and Audra are both using cream filled cookies to make boulders. And Maya is using coconut flakes and extra buttercream shaped into balls.

Back to the cakes.

Jason’s are raw and falling apart, back in the oven! Charlotte takes her cake out too early and is forced to mold the crumbled pieces into a volcano shape. Aidan makes isomalt fire. He says, “Isomalt is a special kind of sugar that when you melt it down it does not turn brown and it can stand against humidity. It is so cool!” Maya uses flowers to make her cake the prettiest in the room.


Time is up.

Audra’s cake looks very messy and is a little under baked in some parts and over baked in other parts. And her cookie crumb boulders needed to be baked.


Justice’s cake tastes very good but it is a little dry. Duff loves the boulders and the tropical theme.


Charlotte’s cake is too short and very under baked! 90% raw! The chocolate taste is good but the ginger flavor is not strong enough.

Maya’s cake is covered in happy pink lava. The judges say the vanilla tastes good but it is a little overcooked. And the boulders coconut filling would have been better toasted.


Dylin’s volcano and boulders look great but the cake is way under baked and the icing is way too wet and the cereal treats needed more marshmallow and butter.


Keili’s cake is a hot messy volcano. Duff doesn’t like the chocolate and lemon flavor combination, but Valerie likes it. The cake is nice and crispy on the edges, but overall it is too dry. The frosting is good, but the all fondant boulders are not something Valerie wants to eat.


Reese’s cake looks good, but the boulders are so big they make the volcano look too small. And the boulders are very hard. He forgot to add butter to the rice crispy treats. The cake tastes great, but still a little dry.


Cole’s cake looks and tastes amazing and the boulders are great. Cake is moist and the truffles are delicious.

Kaniyah’s cake is dramatic and tastes very good and all the flavors go well together. The boulders look good, but the judges don’t want to eat the solid fondant.


Aidan’s cake looks amazing and it is very moist. Everything on the cake is awesome and the flavors really go together. The boulders are the best and go well with the cake.

And Jason’s cake is too small and has too much chocolate. The boulders are too hard and also too chocolatey. Valerie says her palette needs a break from the chocolate flavors.


Cole, Aidan and Kaniyah had the top 3 volcano cakes. The best cake was made by Aidan!

Keili, Maya, Justice, Audra and Reese are safe.

That leaves Charlotte, Dylin and Jason. The one going home is … Charlotte. 😦

Charlotte gets a big hug from Valerie and hugs from all the other young bakers before she says goodbye.  🙂


Max’s Recap Kids Baking Championship S3x01

img_0029This is a show on the Food Network that is like MasterChef Junior, but every challenge is a baking challenge. The kids are ages 9 to 13 and competing for a $25,000 prize. The judges are Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman. Valerie is a two-time Golden Globe Award-winning actress, spokeswoman and New York Times best-selling author. She’s really nice to the kids. Duff is a pastry chef, the executive chef of the Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes and a television personality. He is tough, but funny.dbc5d60b1c62a8903816a7757aa4e61f



The first episode starts with the 12 young contestants meeting the judges. The kids compete for an advantage by throwing balls at Duff. And then find out their first baking challenge will be making Carnival Themed Cupcakes. When the kids are cooking we meet them one by one.


First we meet 11 year old Jason Intravartolo from Seattle, Washington. He really likes science. He says “I think baking is like science, but you get to eat your experiments!” He is making tie die cupcakes.


Next we meet 10 year old Audra Tow from Aurora, Colorado. She loves her cat and her Nana, who taught her how to bake when she was five. Audra says cupcakes are her specialty so she is not worried about the challenge. “I can’t wait to show the world what I can do!” She is making lemon cupcakes with raspberry frosting.


Next we meet 12 year old Aidan Berry from Shalimar, Florida. Aidan says watching the “Kids Baking Championship” inspired him to become a very serious baker. He is making Maple Bacon Cupcakes.


Then we meet 10 year old Keili Gorczyca from San Francisco, California. He name means mustard seed. She says she is “weird” and sometimes she likes to cook weird things, like cutting up grasshoppers, coating them in chocolate and making grasshopper chocolate chip cookies. She is also making tie dye cupcakes.


Next we meet 12 year old Cole Frederickson from Thousand Oaks, California. Cole says he is a self-taught baker and thinks he is the best in America. He wants to be the first boy Baking Champion. He is making Yellow Cupcakes with Root Beer Buttercream.


Mid challenge the kids learn they have to feature a carnival treat in their cupcakes. Jason won the advantage earlier, so he gets to decide who gets the churros, cotton candy, kettle corn, pretzels, chocolate covered bananas or caramel apples. This makes the challenge even harder.

Then we meet 10 year old Kaniyah Cary from Portsmouth, Virginia. She loves to bake and dance. She says, “I am the Beyoncé of baking. The queen of cakes.” She is making Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Cola Buttercream.


Then we meet 9 year old Maya Jindal from Great Falls, Virginia. Maya is the youngest and smallest baker but she mighty. She is making tie dye cupcakes with all the colors of the rainbow.


Next, 12 year old Dylin Musgrove from Augusta, California. Dylin’s father is in the military and this has allowed him to travel all over the world. He describes his baking as Global. In Dylin’s audition video he shared he is blind in one eye and half blind in the other but he doesn’t let it stop him from cooking. He is also making lemon cupcakes. Judge Valerie who is known to love lemon.


Then we meet 12 year old Justice Faustina from Napa, California. He loves weather and knows a lot about the science behind it. He is making Swirled Vanilla Cupcakes.


Then we meet 9 year old Brooke Cumberland from Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She has been baking with her grandmother since she was two and now has a successful baking business. Brooke accidently drops the egg whites for her Swiss Meringue Buttercream Frosting on the stove! She needs to think quick to get her lemon cupcakes frosted.


Then we meet 10 year old Reese Smith from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His mom owns a bakery and has taught him how to bake. He also likes to play sports. Reese is the only baker making Red Velvet Cupcakes with banana flavored frosting.


And last but not least we meet Charlotte D’arbian from Coronado, California. She is the daughter of Food Network star Mellissa D’arbian. Charlotte says she has a passion for fashion design and that helps her with her decorating. She is making Orange Cupcakes.


Frosting becomes challenging for many of the young bakers. Jason is having trouble with the Cotton Candy because it is melting into his whipped cream frosting. Valerie says maybe he picked it for himself because he wanted to eat it! Kaniyah has to redo her frosting because adding the cola seemed to mess it up. And Charlotte’s frosting came out so runny she decided she would have to call it a glaze.


Time is up. The judges now taste and critique everyone’s cupcakes.

Aidan’s cupcakes look funky but the bacon is very good and they LOVED the buttercream. (I gotta get that recipe!)


Audra’s lemon cupcakes with caramel frosting are super small with a lot of frosting. The cake part tastes good but her frosting is too sweet.


Charlotte’s orange cupcakes are tiny and the frosting is too thin. The orange sponge cake is delicious but the frosting doesn’t work.


Brooke’s cupcakes are decorated like a face. They are under baked and the frosting is under mixed.


Cole’s carnival cupcakes are creative and really tasty. The cake is moist but there is a little too much root beer flavor.


Dylin’s lemon cupcakes are a little too sweet for the judges. Valerie likes lemon and chocolate combo, Duff does not.


Reese’s red velvet cupcakes are really good. All the flavors work together so well it tastes like a banana split.


Justice’s cupcakes look very good and the cake tastes amazing, but unfortunately, his buttercream frosting separated.


Kaninayh’s vanilla bean cupcakes with kettle corn look amazing and taste very good. Valerie says she hit it out of the park.


Keili’s cupcakes taste good but are a little confusing to the judges. They look chocolate but taste vanilla. And the pretzel pieces are too big.


Maya’s vanilla cupcake’s rainbow inside look good and taste okay, but the batter may have been beaten too much because the texture is a little tough.


Jason’s tie die cupcakes don’t have any frosting. The cake is moist and colored well, but ultimately dry without real frosting on top.


The judges decide that Justice, Reese and Kaniyah made the best cupcakes but Kaniyah’s were the best of the best. Kaniyah wins the first baking challenge!

Aidan, Cole, Maya, Keili, Dylin & Audra are safe. Jason, Brooke and Charlotte are in the bottom and the young baker going home is … Brooke. 😦

When she is walking out all the kids looks very sad. Aidan looks super sad poor kid.

#This week was crazy.