My Favorite MasterChef JR Moments: Seasons 1-5 And More!

Season 1

I liked when Alexander said that he did not what to be overconfident since he also wanted to make new friends on the show. He was a great leader.


I liked when Kaylen hugged Alexander because he was upset about his layered cake, she was such a supportive friend to him. And I liked how Jack & Gavin were trying to help him feel better about his mistakes, too. Even though Troy was kind of laughing and not really helping, I think it was because he was nervous about offering a hug. This is something kids in the coming seasons get better at.

I liked when Alexander helped Dara twice in the finale. He was a great friend to her and a good sport. His actions showed he wanted to win because he had the best meal, not because Dara couldn’t finish.

Season 2

I liked when Logan gave Josh a big hug after a hard day being in the bottom 4. It showed he cared for his friend and he wanted to comfort him.


I noticed Logan was a little sad to see Jessica go home because she was one of his friends.


I liked when Logan said he wanted to work with Sean from the start. They made some nice cupcakes together and it was cute when they got to have tea on the balcony. When Sean and Oona were leaving, Logan said goodbye to Sean. He was going to miss his buddy and looked like he was about to cry.



Their friendship was sweet and the first close one shown on MasterChef Jr. It showed the producers had “Guts, Spunk and Moxie.”


I liked when Logan hugged Samuel who looked so disappointed when he didn’t win. Again, Logan showed that he was a caring and sensitive friend. I really liked when Logan said being on MasterChef Jr. was “all about making friends forever.” This shows he knows what is most important. Of all the seasons, these are my favorite closing words.


Season 3

I liked when Nathan said he wanted to get kids to start cooking. He was a great role model.


I liked when Nathan said he did not want to see Micah and Alexis go home. It showed what an amazing friend he could be.


I liked when Nathan gave Jenna his salt and said she could use as much as she needed. It showed that even though he wanted to win, he still wanted to be helpful and play fair. I liked it when Nathan seemed sad and gave Kyler a hug goodbye. It showed that he was really going to miss his friend.


I liked it when Nathan told Jack it was “going to be okay” and he was not going home. And when Jack did go, Nathan gave him a big hug. This showed he really cared and wanted to help his friend feel better.

I liked it when Andrew helped Jenna with her hollandaise sauce. It showed he was a great sport, a good friend and a very talented cook.


I liked it when Nathan told Jenna not to worry about her mistakes in the restaurant take over. This showed how mature he was because he didn’t want to blame her for his team’s problems. And I loved when he waved goodbye to Ayla and Kayla at the end of the challenge. Very nice.

I liked when Nathan told Jimmy, Andrew and Jenna great job and hugged them when the judges were talking about who would be in the top 2. He was not overconfident, even though it was clear he had made the best dish.

And finally, I liked it when Jimmy said he thought Nathan was going to win, and how Nathan just smiled at him. I think he knew he was going to miss his friend.


Season 4

I liked it when Avery gave Annabelle her extra scallops when Annabelle burned all hers. It showed what a great friend she was and how she wanted to help when she could.


I liked it when Zac and Tae Ho offered Chad support after his elimination. As Chad left the kitchen Zac told him he did “a great job” and Tae Ho reminded him he was wearing a MasterChef Apron and to “hold his head high.” This showed that both kids were great friends to Chad.

I liked it when Addison and Katlyn got to have a nice fish dinner on the balcony together. They supported each other during the competition and had one of the most amazing friendships of all 5 seasons.


I liked it when Tae Ho gave Adam a pick-him-up goodbye hug. It showed he was a friendly kid even though it seemed to make Adam feel a little uncomfortable. I know Tae Ho’s  heart was in the right place.


I liked it when Nate’s whole team supported him when he was having trouble as the team captain. They helped him calm down and focus. I am sure all the kids on the other team would have offered help and respect too. This is so different from some of the bullying I see on Hell’s Kitchen. It’s one of the reasons I like MasterChef Jr. better than the adult cooking shows.


I liked when Kaitlyn was very kind to JJ who was getting stressed out by the pressure of the team challenge. She was a great leader and nice to her teammates.


I liked when Kaitlyn shared her cream when Addison over whipped hers. I liked how she was there to help her friend and it was sad Kaitlyn ended up leaving that day.


I liked when Zac hugged Sam goodbye. I think Zac felt remorse since he put the teams together and Sam ended up being one of two going home.


Season 5

I loved how Shayne & Solomon hugged each other when they won their aprons. This is something a lot of boys their age are afraid to do on TV. It shows great friendship.


I liked it when Shayne was watching all the kids cooking he was getting stressed for his friends. This shows he was a nice boy and cared a lot. Also, when Solomon left he put his arm around him and told him it was okay.


I liked it how when Shayne won the vegan burger challenge he was very excited, but also respectful of the other kids’ feelings. Syd hugged Shayne to congratulate him, they were already great friends.


I liked when Shayne did not blame Justise for her mistake with the potatoes in the team challenge. He was the team captain and shared responsibility for his team. This shows he was a good leader and will be a great Head Chef one day.


I really liked when the kids showed their feelings. When Gonzalo was leaving the first time, Adam was so sad and hugged him goodbye. They both said, “I love you.” This showed Adam & Gonzalo had big hearts and cared about their friends and were not afraid to show it.

I liked when Shayne & Adam were super nice to Mashu when he was leaving. Adam made sure to give him one last hug.


I liked it when Shayne gave hugs to Syd & Jasmine when they were leaving. He even though he was happy he was safe, he was still very sad to see his friends go home.

I liked it when Shayne was defending Mashu’s dish to Peyton, who did not think it would work. It showed he really believed in his friends and was willing to speak up for them. And I also think Shayne was brave to ignore negative comments from people online who can take stuff every which way.


I liked when Shayne gave Jasmine a little hug when she won her way back into the game. It showed he was a good friend and happy to have her back. And I loved that Adam was the first person Gonzalo ran up to when he returned. I was happy to see these two great friends reunited.

I liked when Shayne gave Avani a big hug good bye and said it was a pleasure meeting her. They are both such great kids.

And I loved when Adam hugged Mark goodbye. They were such great friends, and Adam was going to miss him a lot.

I liked how well Shayne & Justise worked together in the Sushi Tag Team Challenge. They both liked to lead, but agreed Justise would take charge this time and their plan worked.


I liked when Adam needed to take over as team captain and said he did not want to seem like a mean kid. It showed he really cared about Cydney’s feelings.


I liked how when Jasmine won, she handed the MasterChef Trophy to Justise and told her she could not have won it without Justise’s help. Jasmine was an amazing kid, and since she had already gone home during the season, she knew how it felt to lose. She showed she cared about Justise’s feelings as much as she cared about winning.


Other Favorite Moments from Kid’s Cooking Shows

Racheal vs Guy Kids

I liked it when Gibson ran over to comfort Helen when she cut her finger badly. He even refused to go back and cook until she could too. He was compassionate and worried about his friend.


Racheal Ray Kids Cook Off

I liked how when Chandler was crying, Chris hugged him tightly and said his dish was amazing. Chris was a very nice boy.


Chopped Junior

I liked when Jack asked, “Why wouldn’t Mark and I help each other if we can?” And it was great that they went out for milkshakes together after Jack won. They became good friends. And then it was a nice surprise to see Mark again on MasterChef Jr.


I liked it when Caroline helped Sofia plate her food as time ran out. I also liked how they were holding hands as they waited to find out which one had been chopped and which one won. They were amazing friends.


Chopped Teens

I liked it Hunter tried to hide his excitement when he won. He was being respectful to Simona, also a great cook, who had just been chopped. Hunter was a very polite kid.


Food Network Star Kids

I liked when Isaiah hugged Tyra goodbye. They were good friends during the competition and he was sad to see her go.


Kids Baking Championship

I loved it when Aidan helped Kaniyah make her whipped cream. He ran from one side of the kitchen to the other to help her. This showed he was a good sport and great friend. Aidan was always ready to take time to help his friends make the best dessert possible.

I liked how Aidan looked so shocked and happy when they announced he won the Kids Baking Challenge. It probably gave him a confidence boost! And I loved how Justice & Kaniyah hugged him from both sides when he won. It was so great that second place winner, Justice congratulated him without hesitation AND DID NOT SAY ANYTHING MEAN ABOUT HIM! Total class act.


Kids can be great cooks and super friends, even when they are competing. I think the adults could learn a lot about good sportsmanship and friendship by watching the kids cooking competitions on TV. We all could!