My Fantasy MasterChef JR S6 x E25 & 26

Episode 25 The Semi Finals! To get the first spot in the Finale the top 5 must cook their Signature Dish. Ariana’s Kalbi Short Ribs are glazed nicely and have tremendous flavor. Ben’s Fried Chicken looks amazing, but it is undercooked. Beni’s Lime Chicken is nicely done but she was a little heavy handed with the salt. Evan’s Baked Chicken is cooked well and tastes amazing. And Gracie’s Scallops are very undercooked and bland. The first young home cook to make it into the Finale is … ARIANA!!! She is thrilled. She takes her MasterChef Junior Chef Coat and goes up to the balcony.


The remaining 4 cooks will bake French Macarons with a randomly chosen flavor. Evan gets Vanilla, Ben gets Strawberry, Beni gets Chocolate and Gracie gets Pistachio. Evan’s macarons have smooth cheeks and fantastic feet. The meringue has a nice crunch and the vanilla filling is the perfect compliment. Ben put small chunks of actual strawberry in his cream filling and it cause the cookie shells to become soggy. Beni’s Macarons look amazing and the chocolate cream filling goes well with vanilla flavored meringue cookie. And Gracie’s Macarons are a bit small and rough on top because of the crushed pistachios. The next two home cooks going to the Finale are … EVAN and BENI!!!


They hug each other, get their MasterChef Junior Chef Coats and head up to the balcony to join Ariana. Ben and Gracie will now compete for the last spot in the Finale by making 3 Cheese Soufflés!!! Not an easy challenge for either cook. The judges taste them at the same time and talk about it with each other. And the last home cook to make it into the MasterChef Jr Finale is … BEN!!!


Sadly, Gracie is going home. Christina says, “You have brought so much love into this kitchen Gracie. Your tenacity in coming back from last season has paid off. We have seen you grow as a cook and as a person. I have really enjoyed getting to know you.” Gracie says, “Before you ask me, I want to say that I think Evan will win because he keeps his head when things get crazy. Being on this show has been so much fun. I wish I could do it all over again next year 😉!” Evan, Beni and Ariana come down from the balcony to join Ben in the shrinking group hug goodbye. Saying goodbye is getting harder and harder.

Episode 26 It’s time for the Finale! Ariana, Ben, Beni and Evan will cook a 3 course meal and 2 of them will be declared winners. The finalists’ families and all the Season 6 contestants are cheering from the balcony. MasterChef Junior Season 1 Winner Alexander is the guest judge!
For the Appetizer Evan made Grilled Chicken Tacos. Christina says, “The chicken is so succulent. It is the star of the dish!” Aarón disagrees, “This salsa is the star! It is bright and flavorful and brings a ordinary taco up to MasterChef Level.” Beni made Spot Prawns. They are a beautiful red color and the meat tastes incredible but Gordon says, “The broth is a bit too spicy hot for me. Too much cayenne?” Aarón disagrees, “I enjoy the heat, Gordon. I think it adds a depth of flavor unmatched in most seafood dishes.” Ben made Spicy Pork Sausage. Before Gordon tastes the dish he says, “It looks okay Ben, but maybe not a Finale worthy dish.” Again Aarón disagrees, “If the flavors are elevated it could be as good as any Beef Wellington!” The sausage is actually amazingly delicious and Alexander says, “I think Chef Aarón was right. You did something very special here, all on a toasted bun. Great job!” And Ariana surprises the judges with Shrimp & Grits. Both elements are spot on. Gordon says, “I wasn’t expecting a southern style dish from you, but this is amazing. You took Shrimp & Grits to another level. Did you use a Belarusian trick with your seasoning? Well done.”
For the Entrée Evan made Double Cut Pork Chop. The pork is the perfect temperature and cooked beautifully. Aarón says, “I love, love, love this Cactus Sauce! It brings me back to my childhood.” Alexander says, “I’m super amazed by your talent and creativity in this dish.” Ben made Brisket. Sadly he did not trim the fat enough and it does not taste as good as it could. Some of the judges think it is a bit overcooked, but Alexander got the best serving and says, “Mine is very good. I know it’s tough to have a dish not go the way you hope, but if I learned anything in the MasterChef Kitchen it’s that mistakes make you better. Gog job!” Ariana made Goat Chops. The chops have an amazing sear and meat is cooked perfectly. Christina says, “I’ve never had this cut of meat before Ariana and I am excited to try something so special. Your seasoning is on point and you have created an elevated dish that I won’t soon forget.” And Beni made Duck Breast. Alexander says, “You got an excellent sear, this skin is spectacular. I love it.” Aarón agrees, “And the cook on this meat is top notch. I’m always looking for chefs that cook duck as well as this for my restaurants. And you’re only nine years old!?”
The finally for Dessert Evan made Peanut & Coconut Cookies. When Christina cuts into one it is nice and moist. Aarón says, “You know, I always asked my mom to make cookies for me when I was growing up, and these remind me of the ones I used to love. You can bake, man, you can bake.” Beni’s Mini Apple Pie is beautiful. The crust and lattice work is golden and crisp and the pie cuts well, but some of the apples slices are a bit too big. Christina explains, “If you cut your apples pieces too big they don’t cook all the way through and effect the taste of the pie. This is a small knife skills mistake, but small mistakes are important when everyone is cooking at such a high level.” Ariana’s Pirozhnoe Kartoshka are amazing. Alexander says, “I didn’t know potatoes could be made into dessert, but these are delectable.” Christina says, “You went back to your roots and elevated something as simple as a potato into an elegant chocolate sponge. I’m beyond impressed, I’m jealous.” And Ben made a Chocolate Bunt Cake. The sponge is amazing and deep flavor of the chocolate is remarkable. Christina says, “You nailed this cake, Ben, but I’m not sure about the raw strawberries on top. They made the cake a bit soggy on top.” Alexander agrees, “I love the strawberries as a counter point to the deep chocolate flavors, but I think they would have been better on the side. And by the way, your hand whipped cream is THE BEST I’ve ever tasted. Can you show me how you made that after the show?”

The judges remind the finalists they are all great cooks and they have all created amazing meals. It is incredibly hard to pick the winners and that it comes down to the smallest of details. Aarón says, “No matter who wins today, you are all definitely going places in the culinary world!” The After much debate they choose 2 winners. The finalists are asked to switch places with the judges on the main stage. And the 2 winners of MasterChef Jr Season 6 are …


They are in shock and hug each other. Beni is so happy for her friend Evan she almost knocks him over with a big hug. A teary eyed and overjoyed Aarón also hugs Evan and says “Amazing Job Man!” Christina wraps her arms around Ariana and says “You deserve it, Girl!” Gordon hugs both Ben and Beni and tells them, “You are amazing cooks! It’s been a pleasure working with you! I hope to see you again when you open your own restaurants someday!” Then all the kids come forward to congratulate their friends! Evan and Ariana get $100,000 each and MasterChef Jr Trophies. Ben and Beni get $50,000 each and MasterChef Jr Medals. The show ends with the biggest group hug of the season and tons of confetti covering them all! Someone is heard saying, “We’ll always be friends.”

 The End 😊



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