My Fantasy MasterChef JR S6 x E23 & 24

Episode 23 The Top 6 will cook for 30 MasterChef Jr Alumni. Evan is the Captain of the Red Team and Gracie is Captain of the Blue Team, but the judges pick the teams.

Ariana and Beni are on Evan’s team

and Ben and Sammy are on Gracie’s team.

During the cook time Sammy undercooks the lamb and it goes to the Winner’s Table! They send it back. Ben takes charge and completes the cook, but this is a big error.

Evan is an amazing captain for his team. He checks in with Ariana and Beni and helps as they need it.


All the kids are happy to see other young home cooks like Adam, Avery and Jack. And the previous winners Alexander, Dara, Logan, Adaiah, Nathan, Ryan Kate, Zac, Nate, Shayne and Adam

I loving tasting the food and seeing their friends again. The votes are counted and the winning team is … RED TEAM!!! Evan gives his team a hug and says, “Great job! I love working with you two so much!”

Tomorrow Gracie, Ben and Sammy must make the technically challenging Croquembouche in the final Pressure Test. But today, they get to hang out with all the guests and talk MasterChef Junior experiences.
Back in the MasterChef Kitchen Gracie nails her Cream Puffs. And Christina says, “Your spun sugar is a work of art. It’s magical!” Sammy’s Cream Puffs are heavenly and his sugar covers the entire tower. Gordon says, “These pastries are so good, I want to eat more and more of them!” Ben’s structure is a bit crooked, but the pastry is light and Aarón says, “This vanilla cream is to die for!” And the cook going home is …. NO ONE! All 3 did so amazing they all deserve to stay and keep cooking in the MasterChef Kitchen!

Episode 24 The top 6 will cook a dish inspired by their families. The first best dish belongs to Gracie with her Pan Seared Salmon. She made this dish because her family loves fish. The cook is spot on and the glaze on top is stunning and delicious. The next dish belongs to Ben. He made Cupcakes because his family loves it when he bakes for them. They are light and fluffy and the frosting on top is one of the best Christina ever tasted! And the last dish belongs to Sammy. He made Pan Seared Chicken Thigh because this is the dish they always order when they go to restaurants. It is a bit overcooked but the skin is nice and crispy and the sauce on the side more than makes on for it.

And the winner is … GRACIE!!! She has won her way to the semifinals and a great advantage.


The 5 remaining cooks are sent to the pantry to fill their baskets with all the ingredients they need to make an amazing dish. YES! When they return to their stations there is a twist. Gracie gets to switch the baskets!!!! NO! Evan gets Ben’s Basket, Sammy gets Ariana’s Basket, Ben gets Beni’s Basket, Ariana gets Evan’s Basket and Beni gets Sammy’s Basket.

Evan made BBQ Ribs and they are amazing. The meat is tender and juicy and the sauce is an explosion of flavor. Gordon says, “I love how you were able to quickly change directions and adapt to the new ingredients. You show signs of a great chef young man.” Ben’s Chicken Pot Pie sticks to the pot so he has to serve it in the cookery. Christina says, “I think you may have kept it in the oven a few minutes too long, because it is a little dry, but overall, the flavors are there and it tastes pretty good.” Beni’s Mac & Cheese is super creamy and Aarón says, “You surprised me with the flavors in your mac and cheese. Your choice of spice blows my mind!” Ariana’s Sea Bass is a glistening white and flakes like a dream. Gordon says, “Your miso glaze is mature and tastes like it came from a four star restaurant!” Sammy’s Steak is overcooked and the sides are not that good. Gordon says, “I think you could have done better with this challenge. This simply is not good enough.”

EVAN and ARIANA are the top 2

and Ben and Sammy are in the bottom. Because his dish was slightly better, the cook moving forward to the Semi Finals is … Ben. Sadly, a teary eyed Sammy is going home. Gordon says, “Sammy, Sammy. Today was a rough day in the kitchen for you. I’ve had days like this too. But you are a great cook and if you keep working at it, I think you can be a great chef someday. Please tell me you will keep cooking.” Sammy says, “I will Chef. Thank you.” Gordon says, “Good man. Now, tell me, who do you think will win this competition?” Sammy answers, “Evan will win.” Evan hugs him goodbye and says “I will miss you so much.” This time, all the kids walk Sammy to the back of the Kitchen and wave to him as he walks out the doors.


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