MasterChef Jr 06×05


The Team Challenge “Recipe For Love” Episode starts with the top 20 kid chefs finding out they will be cooking for a wedding dinner! Nine year old Mackenzie from Newhall, CA says, “Food to me is art. I’m really good at making my food look really pretty, just like me. I always wear bows in my hair. If it’s like a sad day or if it’s just a normal, ordinary day I will always wear a bow. A bow. A bow. It’s not called a ribbon, it’s called a bow.” Because Cade and Ariana had the best dishes in the last round they will each lead a team. The Red Team Captain is Cade and he chooses Evan, Sammy, Sophia, Gracie, Quani, Ben, Camson, Henry & Avery. Cade says, “I think I’m going to make a great captain, but the thing I’m nervous about myself is I try to stay nice as possible because I don’t want people to get upset and that sometimes can affect leadership skills.”The Blue Team Captain is Ariana and she chooses Remy, Olivia, Beni, Pierce, Emily, Mackenzie, Maria, Mikey & Anthony. Ariana says, “Being captain of the Blue Team is like being a captain on a ship. If this ship goes down, it’s my fault.”

Christina drives a tractor with all 20 young cooks through a farm to the wedding site. They meet Whitney & Sam who are getting married and very excited to the MasterChef Junior home cooks prepare their wedding dinner. The couple love halibut and lamb and this is what they want to serve their 75 guests. The judges will take from feedback from the bride and groom and other guests on the food and decide on a winning team. Unfortunately, two members of the losing team will be leaving the competition. ☹
Gordon demonstrates how to prepare and serve a stunning Rack of Lamb with Butternut Squash & Apples. And a beautiful Pan Seared Halibut with Roasted Cauliflower & Asparagus. First searing the lamb for color, because as the kids shout out “No color, no flavor!” And after it is cooked twice Gordon says you have to let it rest, because if you cut it too early, “You’ll lose the juices!”

Joe gives a lesson on the front of the house. The order is called a ticket. You always give everything a short name so the Rack of Lamb is going to be called a “Rack” and the Seared Halibut dish is going to be called a “Hali.” The kids shout back his order, “Picking up 5 Racks, 3 Halis!” Joe says, “Cooking is one thing. Today you have a lesson in accountability and timing. It has to be fast, it has to be hot and it has to all come out together.”

The teams have 60 minutes to prep. Ariana passes out assignments on the Blue Team. “Okay, me & Anthony are doing lamb, Beni & Remy are doing fish, and for the sides we’re going to have Emily & Mackenzie and for the plating, everybody else.” When Maria asks who should cut the lamb, Ariana says the only ones who know how long it has been resting is her or Anthony, so they should cut the lamb. Everyone agrees to stay and work at their stations.
On the Red Team Cade puts Sophia & Henry on fish, Sammy & Gracie on lamb, Evan & Avery on plating the halibut, Camson & Quani plating the lamb chop, and Ben & Cade working on sides keeping them ready. Gracie & Ben are not sure about the assignments.

Gracie says, “I’ve never cooked a rack of lamb before, and the main proteins are the big star of the dish. I’m feeling so much pressure right now.” Ben says, “ is upset that Cade just Cade put me on sides. I wanted to cook the lamb. Back in Gary, Indiana I barbeque, and we know meat. I’m not being used for what I should be used for, so I don’t feel good about this challenge at all.”
As things get started Joe wonders if this challenge is too hard for these young cooks. Evan tells his teammates, “Okay. We just have to worry about the food. Not the marriage, just the food.” 😊

Right off the bat, Gordon has to tell the Red Team to stop cooking the asparagus (it’s already cooked!) and start cooking the racks of lamb. “You need to get this lamb seared and in the oven!” Evan tells Sammy, “Two lambs for each pan! Got it?” Cade is feeling a little overwhelmed by all the tasks, but trying to help his team stay organized.
Ariana admits trying to captain a team of 8 to 13 year old’s is a little chaotic. Everyone is following her around asking her questions until she finally stops and sends them back to their stations. “Stay at your stations. Once you are at your station you do not move. Understood?” And her team responds. “Yes, chef!”

Joe announces that the bride and groom are married and it’s time for the food service to begin. Both teams get the meals off to the head table right away. Blue Team gets their next table off without any problems, but over on the Red Team things go wrong. Gordon doesn’t like the way Ben has cut the lamb chops and throws one up in the air. Gordon asks the team if they would rather go pick grapes and let him cook, but they say they will got give up. Gordon directs Cade to the lamb and Ben to the garnish. Cade says, “I can tell that Ben wanted a bigger role … but each person on the team has a huge role. This is a team effort.” The Red Team starts to find it’s rhythm.

On the Blue team Mackenzie is getting overwhelmed because everyone is yelling for more cauliflower. At first Gordon is a bit harsh, but when she starts to cry he takes her aside and tells her she can to it. She says, “I should step it up and act stronger.” And she does.

Back on the Red Team Gracie is overwhelmed by pressure to cook the lamb perfectly. She is worried about being burned and finally says to Sammy, “I’m done, you can take them both.” But Sammy can’t do it all by himself, he needs help. Other members of the Red Team, like Ben and Evan step in to help with the lamb.

Joe finds an unhappy guest at table with Blue Team dishes. Her lamb is raw and he takes it back to the kitchen for a replacement. Anthony and Ariana come up and Joe says, “Guys, this is unacceptable. This is somebody’s wedding. This lamb is still alive. It’s cold.” The refire immediately.

The last tables are finished and service ends. Red Team Captain Cade says, “That was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. We just fed 75 people for a wedding. Our service was like a roller coaster. It was up and down, but towards the end it was smooth, so all in all, I feel pretty good.” Blue Team Captain Arianna says, “I feel a little bit torn right now. If that lamb didn’t come back, I feel sure the Blue Team would win. But now it’s anybody’s game. I just hope our team did enough.”
The wedding guests are shocked to find out that young kids made their meal! Both teams did fantastic, but Joe, Christina and Gordon agree the winning team is…BLUE TEAM!

On the Red Team Camson, Quani, Avery, Evan, Sophia, Sammy and Henry did well enough to stay in the competition.

That leaves Cade, Ben and Gracie struggled the most with the challenge. The last young chef safe is ….. Cade. That means Ben and Gracie are going home. ☹

All the kids look so sad that two of their best friends are going home. They are all cheering for them from the balcony as they walk out of the kitchen. Someone calls, “We will never forget you!”

10 year old Ben from Gary, IN says, “MasterChef Junior has been one of the best times of my life here. I got to meet amazing friends and it was an amazing opportunity to learn a lot more about cooking. It’s awesome to have made it this far.”

9 year old Gracie from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA says, “I’ve done a lot in the last 9 years of my life, but this was the best thing ever. How many kids get to say they make it in to the top 20? I’m really proud of myself for everything I’ve done here. And today I get to go home and see my dog!”


MasterChef Jr 06×04


The American Classics Episode starts with the top 22 kid chefs running into the MasterChef Kitchen to find a big surprise center stage. Twelve year old Sammy from Huntington Woods says, “This Michigan boy is in the top 22 of MasterChef and I am very grateful because there is a giant milkshake in the kitchen today. It is huge. That milkshake is bigger than my family’s minivan. And out minivan is pretty big.” They learn they will draw straws to find out who will be competing in the first challenge, to make as many perfect milkshakes as they can in ten minutes. The two winning teams will be safe and in the top 20. AND a judge will also draw straws and one of them will be dunked in the gigantic milkshake.


Ben, Sammy & Quani are on the Red Team. Evan, Pierce & Gracie are on the Blue Team. Olivia, Henry & Anthony are on the Yellow Team. The winning teams are Yellow Team with 9 milkshakes and Blue Team with 7. Joe draws the short straw and the winning teams get to drop the whipped cream on him in the milkshake. Everyone gets to pelt him with cherries! He is a sloppy milky mess. Evan says, “What a Trooper!” and when Joe returns perfectly clean, “It’s just magical.” 😊 Yellow & Blue teams are safe from elimination and get to go to the balcony to enjoy milkshakes.

The remaining16 other cooks will have 45 minutes to put their own spin on Chicken and Waffles. Cade says, “I love Chicken & Waffles, it’s really popular in Mississippi. People from New York are probably thinking, this isn’t even a meal, they just paired two things together. But it is a meal, it’s everywhere in our town and I’m really familiar with it. Gordon wants to see the influence of heritage or signature cooking style on each plate. In the end 2 young chefs will sadly go home☹.


During the cook time Quani is taking a big risk by making his own syrup. Grayson is making tie-dye waffles that he hopes will have the colors of Ben’s shirt and he also pulled a “Leslie” (MasterChef Season 5) and put sugar instead if flour! Luckily he got the mistake in time. Remy is going Italian style to show Joe that Chicken and Waffles can have an Italian spin. Cade is happy since in Minnesota they always make Chicken & Waffles and often have breakfast for dinner.

Joe and Gordon warn Ben about using white chocolate in a sauce again. Sounds like they don’t like the idea. And Camson breaks his waffle but he fixes it. Up on the balcony Olivia says, “Music to my nose.” And Evan compliments, “Beni, nice waffles.” Time is up, hands in the air!

Avery’s Paprika-Cumin Chicken and Jalapeño & Red Pepper Waffles with Sunny Side-Up Egg and a Texas Gunpowder Sauce. The breading on the chicken is nice and crispy and meat is cooked perfectly. The waffles is spot on the sauce has the just the right amount of heat. Gordon says, “Good job. Well Done.”

Remy’s Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Tomato Waffles, Tomato Salsa and Cilantro Sour Cream. Christina is impressed. The chicken and the crust is delicious and somehow the tomato flavor works with the waffle. Maybe ricotta or mascarpone would have been better choice than sour cream, but otherwise great dish.

Quani made Spicy Fried Chicken and Almond and Nut Waffles with Original Syrup. Joe doesn’t appreciate what he calls the “fake maple syrup.” He says the chicken is overcooked on the outside, but cooked well on the inside, and the waffles are a bit dry from the nuts. When Joe resorts to name calling Quani’s friends on the balcony are shocked. Evan, Henry & Anthony’s faces say it all. Quani stands up to Joe’s overly personal feedback and I think he should be proud of himself for taking a risk and trying something new.

Cade made Cajun Spice Fried Chicken and Cornmeal Waffles with Bacon, Corn, Pepper Salsa. The dish looks great and Christina says it is bursting with flavor and “If you are already cooking at this level, I’m very excited to see what you will come up with next.”

Grayson made Spicy Fried Chicken with Tie-Dyed Strawberry Waffles. Joe is not impressed with the look of the waffles. “It looks like pay dough.” And he doesn’t taste the strawberry flavor. The chicken is a bit overcooked and also needs more flavor. Overall the plate tastes kind of bland.

Ben made Cornflake Crusted Fried Chicken and Blueberry Waffles with Maple Syrup Whipped Cream. Christina says the chicken is well fried and crispy on the outside, but the waffle is a bit underwhelming. He didn’t need the fruit, but it is good that he edited out the white chocolate.

Camson made Spicy Chicken and Green Onion, Jalapeño & Gruyere Cheese Waffles with Sweet Caramel Sauce. Gordon loves the juicy chicken and the flavorful waffle. “You’ve bounced back and I’m so proud of what you have achieved. Well done.”

Ariana made Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Herb Waffles with Mushroom Cream Sauce. Joe loves the mushroom sauce, he agrees with Arian that it is very powerful, has a lot of flavor and lifts the whole dish up.

Mikey made Potato Chip Crusted Chicken and Herb & Cheddar Waffles with a Honey-Thyme Glaze. Christina says, “This is the most gorgeous presentation of Chicken and Waffles I have ever seen.” Both the chicken and waffle have rich favors, but maybe could use a little more acidity. Overall a very nice job.

And Lindsay made Smoked Paprika Chicken and Waffles with Cilantro Whipped Cream. Gordon thinks the dish looks bland and when he cuts into one of the drumsticks he finds that it is bloody raw! Unfortunately, the waffle can’t make up for undercooked chicken and lack of seasoning in the dish.

Cade and Ariana have the top 2 Chicken & Waffles dishes and are safe. They will be Team Captains in the next competition!

Grayson, Ben, Lindsay and Quani’s dishes are the bottom 4. Quani and Ben are safe.
Sadly, that means Grayson and Lindsay are going home☹

When they are walking out every one gives Grayson & Lindsay hugs. Evan says, “We’re going to miss you so much.” 😊 Ariana says, “No matter what happens, never stop cooking.” 😊


Eleven year old Grayson from St. Francisville, LA says, “ Being here in ‘MasterChef Junior’ was amazing. You never expect that you could do something like this. I learned a lot of new techniques from the best chef in the world, and it was nice to express my creative side. When I get back to Louisiana I think I’ll put the tie-dyed waffles aside and show my family all kinds of new tricks.”


Ten year old Lindsay from Elk Rapids, Michigan says, “I came to ‘MasterChef’ to basically show all the kids in my school that cooking is not boring and dumb. And that a little girl from a tiny town back in Michigan can make it this far into the top 22 of ‘MasterChef’ so mission accomplished.”


MasterChef Jr 06×03


The Culinary ABC’s Episode starts with the top 24 kid chefs running into the MasterChef Kitchen. 11-year-old Evan is so exited to be in the top 24, “I’ve been to Germany, Mexico, Costa Rico, but the MasterChef Kitchen is like its own country. Look at this place, beautiful stations, a pantry, restaurant, equipment room! It’s like Neverland for home cooks.” Fourth grader Beni says she’s the punky Chicago girl who, “would like to inspire kids to cook all kinds of different foods and to be unique, creative, thinking outside the box. And show them that you can become more than you think.”

It’s time for the first Mystery Box Challenge. Under every box they find 26 ingredients, each beginning letter of the alphabet from A to Z. A is for asiago, B is for bacon, C is for chocolate and so on. They have one hour to show the judges that they are the home cook to watch this season.

When time is up the judges look over all the dishes and pick the top 3 for tasting. The first top dish belongs to Remy, a 12-year-old girl from New York, NY. She made Lamb Chops with Roasted Eggplant Purée and Cheese Biscuits. Joes thinks the plate looks amazing. Gordon says the cook on the lamb is spot on and tastes amazing. Both judges think the Cheese Biscuits are an excellent addition to the dish.

The next top dish belongs to Beni, a 9-year girl from Chicago, IL. She made Herb Crusted Steak with Ginger Quinoa, Sautéed Kale and Dill-Yogurt Sauce. Christina says the dish looks like it came out of a hip and young steak house. The steak has a great sear and is juicy and tender and goes great with the sauce. The quinoa is delicious but Gordon wants it to be more exciting. Christina says the kale is a bit hard and needs more flavor. Overall, good job.

And the third top dish belongs to Henry, a 9-year-old boy from Katy, TX. He made Grilled Lamb Chop with Tzatziki, Quinoa and Zucchini. Joe loves the cook on the lamb and the grilled Zucchini. The Tzatziki has a great flavor too.

And the winner of the First Mystery Box Challenge is … REMY! She is safe from the Elimination Challenge and in the top 22.


The other 23 cooks must bake a fruit tart. Christina says it must be a work of art and “the way a fruit tart looks is just as important as the flavor.” The young chefs can choose their own ingredients from the pantry but will have to perfect the ratios of the crust, the cream filling and fruit topping.

During the bake time Zia realizes she forgot the graham cracker for her tart crust. This is a big mistake and she starts to panic, but Gordon comes to help her remake the crust and get it on the oven. Ariana is making a Lemon Raspberry Tart. Evan is making an Italian Fruit Tart with a balsamic vinegar glaze.

When time is up the judges take a closer look at the tarts and decide which cooks did so well they can head straight to the balcony: Ariana, Beni, Olivia, Evan, Anthony, Henry, Sammy, Cade, Mikey, Sophia, Piece, Camson, Emily, Mackenzie, Gracie Grayson, and Maria. The remaining six cooks: Avery, Ben, Quani, Juelz, Lindsay and Zia will bring their tarts forward for tasting and 2 chefs will go home.

Zia made a Berry Tart with Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries and Apricot Glaze. The crust is way too thick and very hard to cut. Up on the balcony, Evan seems very worried about his friend Zia. The fruit is unevenly sliced, but the cream is quite delicious.

Lindsay made a Lime Curd Tart with Strawberries. The crust is nicely thin but not high enough. The cream tastes amazing, but the tart doesn’t look as amazing as it could if the strawberries were cut to show outer skin.

Avery made a Mint Fruit with Blackberries, Oranges, Raspberries and Peaches. Joes says leaving the oranges peels and peach skin on the fruit are mistakes. But the pastry cream is delicious and she nailed the crust.

Quani made Hawaiian Fruit Tart with Strawberries, Kiwi, Blueberries and Mango Pastry Cream. Gordon loves the cream but says the it kiwi and other fruit chunks are too big and the tart crust is too thick.

Juelz made a Vanilla Fruit Tart with Strawberries, Pineapple and Kiwi. Sadly, the pineapple does not go well with the tart because it is too fibrous and the crust and cream is not even. The knife cuts could have been cleaner, but considering he had never eaten or made a fruit tart before, I think he did pretty well with the dessert.

And Ben made a White Chocolate Fruit Tart with Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. It looks very messy and needs more pastry cream, but Joe likes the berry flavor and white chocolate. The dessert needs more finesse.

Avery and Lindsay are safe, and the last 2 who are safe are…. Ben and Quani.

Unfortunately, that means 9 year old Zia from Pasadena, CA and 8 year old Juelz St. Louis, MO are going home. Zia starts to cry but Christina offers a warm hug.

When the 2 kids are walking out all the kids are cheering for them. Juelz says, “ Looks like I’m going to be headed back to St Louis, but I beat out bazillions of kids who wanted to be here and that’s an accomplishment. I know my family’s going to be proud of me.” Zia says, “Even though I didn’t get the MasterChef Junior trophy, I still had the honor being here. Whether I’m 9 years old or I’m 43 years old, I was one of the top 24 junior home cooks in America. That is a big deal.

MasterChef Junior Recap S6 X 1&2


In the sixth season opener the 40 most talented young home cooks, ages 8 to 13, in the United States learn the judges will be Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi. And that Joe Bastianich is back! 9 year old Beni says, “Oh my gosh it’s Joe! I know he’s Italian, he’s a restauranteur, he knows food better than anyone else. And he’s bald.” The kids will be competing to win title of MasterChef Junior Champion and $100,000. To get started 20 girls and 20 boys will compete in 2 groups for 12 aprons each.

Episode 1 “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”

The girls are up first. Their first culinary challenge is to cook a perfect medium rare Filet Mignon with a side dish in 25 minutes. Gordon demonstrates the technique – season steak with salt and pepper, hot iron cast pan with grapeseed oil, a couple cloves of garlic, a little rosemary, until you get a great sear on it, flip sides, roll on sides, then toss in butter to baste. Let it rest in the pan. Voilà! Perfect pink in the middle and brown on the outside

During the cook time we meet 12 year old Remy and her ten year old sister, Oliva from New York City. Even though it’s a competition they hope they will both win a white apron and make it in the top 24


. When time is up the judges visit each young cook’s station to taste their filets. They call out the first 8 young cooks to get their white aprons: ARIANA, ZIA,SOPHIA, AVERY, EMILY, BENI, GRACIE & REMY.

Then the judges announce that sadly Noelani, Addyson, Aubrey and Nadia will be going home☹. Nine year old Nadia from Chicago, IL says, “I did not get an apron, but it’s so exciting that I made it this far.” Nine year old Addyson from Parker, CO says, “I’ve learned so many amazing things and I can’t wait to show my family what I can do.” Nine year old Aubrey from Miami Beach, FL says “I’m leaving with my head up today because I got to meet Gordon Ramsay, Christian Tosi and Joe!” And eight year old Noelani from Makawao, HI says “I’m feeling sad, but I got to make a lot of friends who I’m going to be pen pals with.”


Now the 8 remaining chefs will compete for the four remaining white aprons by cooking their Signature Dish for the judges. During the cook time Christina and Joe talk with Maria, who says she is Puerto Rican and Greek, so people call her the Puerto Greekan! Meanwhile, Abby ruins her beignet dough and she doesn’t have time to start over. Gordon warns Chloe that her Flan is not fully cooked and puts it back in the oven.


Time is up.

Oliva made a Berry Tart with Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries and Whipped Cream. The crust is great Christina loves the taste, but she thinks there is too much Cream.

Lila made Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Cucumber Tomato Salad. It tastes good Gordon says the meatballs look gray and need more color from the pan.

Mackenzie made Gyoza with Carrot Slaw and Soy Dipping Sauce. This dish is lovely. Christina thinks the dumplings are amazing. She nailed the sauce the dish looks like a pro chef made it.

Laken made Shrimp and Grits with Vegetables and Andouille Sausage. Unfortunately, the dish has problems. Gordon says the grits are too thick, the sauce is broken and he’d want more than one shrimp.

Chloe’s Banana Flan tastes delicious, but it is too loose to be considered a successful flan. Joe turns his thumbs down. ☹

Abby made Beignets with Honey and Strawberry Dipping Sauce. Gordon says the pastry is too thick and fruit is way too sweet.

Lindsay’s Rosemary Lamb Chops with Tzatziki and Cheese Stuffed Eggplant are cooked well. Christina says lamb is beautiful but the eggplant needs seasoning.

And lastly, Maria made Lamb Chops with Mofongo and Tzatziki. She nailed the cook on the lamb its tastes great but she put too much mofongo which threw off proportions on the plate.

In the end the remaining four white 4 Aprons go to MACKENZIE, LINSAY, OLIVA and MARIA!

Sadly that means Laken, Lila, Abby and Chloe are going home. Nine year old Laken from River Ridge, LA says, “Even though I didn’t get a white apron, it was just really fun cooking in the MasterChef Kitchen. It is definitely going to be an experience, that I’ll like never, ever in the whole wide world, my whole life, I’m never gonna forget.” Nine year old Chloe from San Antonio, Texas says, “I’m bummed that I’m leaving, but I think I did my family members in Mexico proud and the thing I’m most excited to do when I get back to San Antonio, is to cook more.” Eight year old Lil from Hoboken, NJ says, “Even though I’m going home, I’ve learned so much and I made a lot of new friends. I had so much in here in the MasterChef Kitchen.” And nine year old Abby from Mandeville, FL says, “I’m feeling really good because I’m still one of the top junior cooks in all of America! And I got to cook for Gordon Ramsay. I’ll never forget that.”

Episode 2 “The Boys Are Back In Town!”

Now it’s the boys’ turn. Their first cooking challenge is to cook a stunning breast of chicken and side dish in 25 minutes. Again, Gordon teaches how it is done. Gas on to heat up the cast iron pan nice and hot (No color, no flavor!), season the chicken with pepper and salt, a tablespoon of oil in first, lay chicken away and add lightly crush garlic, fresh rosemary and thyme and butter to baste. Turn every two minutes, take it out. Voilà! Slice through crispy brown skin to find beautifully moist meat on the inside.


During the cooking time eleven year old Felix from Santa Barbara, CA accidently sets his napkin on fire but Gordon helps him put it out. “You did the right thing by stepping back, well done.”

When time is up the judges visit each young cook’s station to taste their chicken breasts. They announce the first 8 young cooks to get their white aprons: SAMMY, JUELZ, GRAYSON, CAMSON, HENRY, CADE, MIKEY, & PIERCE!

Sadly, Felix, Kolby, Elliot and Jadon are going home. Kolby and Felix served undercooked chicken, Elliot burned the chicken skin and Jadon’s carrots were not cooked. When they are walking out Evan gives Elliot a high five since he knows being 13, this was Elliot’s last chance to be on MasterChef Junior. he is sad since he is 13 and it was his last chance. Felix says, “I didn’t get a white apron, but I feel good about myself that I got this far.” Eight year old Kolby from New Orleans, LA says, “I just cooked for some of the best chefs in the world. It was so much fun to have an experience like that.” 13 year old Elliot from Westlake Village, CA says, “Leaving the MasterChef Kitchen is disappointing for sure, but I’m definitely going to keep cooking.” And 12 year old Jadon from Arcadia, CA says, “My food dream is to become an International Food Writer. I’m going to make that dream come true,”

Just like with the girls, the remaining 8 boys will cook their Signature Dish to compete for the last four white aprons. During the cook time Drew seems to be putting way too much spice is his burger, he tells Christina there is no such thing as too much spice and says, “Okay.” Gordon is shocked that Quani is making cupcakes, “No, no, no, no, no, no. Cupcakes? Quani stop it. I just told Joe and Christina no boy’s going to be making cupcakes. 😮  And Joe asks Evan if he is a Bookie because of his cool shirt. What?

Time is Up.

Quani made Cupcakes with Chocolate Swirls and Strawberries. He says he has his own baking business and he sells homemade treats at soccer games. Christina says the cupcakes are beautifully baked well, to sponge tastes great and the frosting is nice and light. But she’s not a fan of the blue color.

Anthony made Chicken Cutlet Hoagie with Broccolini. Gordon questions whether a simple sandwich is enough to win an apron. Joe defends Anthony’s choice, “It’s not just a sandwich. This is part of our communal cultural heritage as New Yorkers.” Gordon loves the amazing taste. He says all the layers work well together and it is a gourmet sandwich.


Drew made an Arab Fusion Burger with Pita Chips. He put 10 spices into the beef and lamb. Joe likes the Middle Eastern flavors in the burger, “But your hand on spices is very, very aggressive. This is aggressively seasoned for me.”

Tyler made Chicken Nuggets with Glazed Carrots. Gordon has to lean down to talk with Tyler because he is so small, but incredibly confident. The carrots roasted beautiful, but unfortunately the chicken is a bit too dry. Gordon says it was a strong effort but maybe a sauce would have been a good idea for the dish.

Chuk made Nigerian Shrimp Stew with Chimichurri Sauce. Christina likes the bold flavor in the stew but the it’s a little heavy handed on the salt. The shrimp are cooked well but the chimichurri sauce needed more oil to thin it out.

Luca’s Spicy Tomato Pasta with Garlic Bread is a little overcooked. Although the sauce is pretty good, Joe is disappointed it is not mixed in well with the pasta.

Ben made Peach Cobbler with Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce. Ben says he likes to bake a lot because he likes math and science. Christina says the caramel sauce pairs well with the peach sauce without overwhelming it, but the over whipped cream is a bit over whipped. When Ben goes back to his station Evan gives him a high-five.

And Evan made Banana Foster Crêpes with Dulce De Leche Stuffed Bananas. This elevated banana dessert was inspired by his Cota Rican roots. And although Gordon is doubtful bananas can be stuffed, he is pleasantly surprised and says they taste quite delicious. The crêpes could use more color but the filling is amazing.

The last 4 white MasterChef Aprons go to ANTHONY, QUANI, EVAN and …. BEN!

That means Drew, Luca, Chuk and Tyler are going home today, but can try again next year. 10 year old Drew from Baton Rouge, LA says, “Yeah, it’s sad I’m leaving here today, but the people I met, I’m never going to forget. I got to cook in front of Gordon Ramsay. Now, I get to go back to Louisiana and go see my other friends.” 😊11 year old Luca from Chicago, IL says, “I’m kind of sad, but I’m not 13 so I’m going to train a bit harder for next year.” 10 year old Chuck from Los Angeles, Ca says, “I’m a little disappointed not to get an apron, but I was able to make my own signature dish in the MasterChef Kitchen. Like, that’s just an honor itself.” And irrepressible 8 year old Tyler from Milford, DE says, “I may not have got my MasterChef Apron but. at least I’m still a Super Hero!” 😊