Max’s Recap MasterChef S5x07


The exciting episode starts with the remaining 15 cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen. Since Courtney won the last challenge she is safe and can’t go home. Plus she gets to pick the teams that will work together to make a surf and turf dinner. Courtney pairs Christin & Francis B, Jaimee & Elizabeth, Victoria & Christine, Cutter & Dan Wu, Willie & Daniel, Ahran & Leslie, and Elise & Francis L.


During the cook time Dan & Cutter can’t agree on anything! Gordon tells them they need to come up with something fast. But, surprisingly after fighting during the last team challenge, Ahran & Leslie are doing well together because they decided to put aside their differences for the win.


Time is up.

Arhan & Leslie made Pork Belly and Crab. Gordon says both proteins are cooked spot on. They successfully executed a restaurant quality surf and turf.

Cutter & Dan Wu made Venison and Tuna. The plating looks horrid and tastes dreadful. It is so bad, in fact, Joe pushes it off the plate into the trash can! 😮

Francis L. & Elise made Lamb and Crab. The lamb is cooked perfectly but they ruined the taste by seasoning with Yogurt.

Jaimee & Elizabeth made Lamb and Red Snapper. Both are seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

Willie & Daniel made Tuna and Chicken🍖 Gordon says it looks good and tastes delicious.

Christine & Victoria challenged themselves and made Pork Belly and Monk Fish. It tastes simply amazing!

Christin & Francis B. made Rib Eye and Crab. Unfortunately for them the dish did not work, it looks and tastes horrible.


In the end the judges decide that Christine & Victoria have the best surf and turf dish. Jaimee & Elizabeth, Daniel & Willie, Leslie & Ahran and Francis L. & Elise are safe. That means Christian, Francis B, Cutter and Dan are going to the Pressure Test. They will have to cook Chinese Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce.

During the cook time Cutter’s egg roll falls apart in the hot oil. Francis B.’s poor decision to deep fry and pan fry his rolls produces greasy appetizers.

When time is up Christian’s rolls turn out nice and crispy and taste great.

20161004_091431 Francis B.’s are way too greasy! And they just taste bad.

20161004_091445 Dan’s are just okay, but his sauce is amazing.

20161004_091503 And Cutter’s are a disappointment because they not crispy and they have no filling!


In the end the judges decide Christian has made the best spring rolls. Dan is also safe and the last one safe is … Cutter. That means Francis B. is going home!

He gets an exit montage and says “There are a lot of great cooks around the country that want to be a part of this, and the experience of cooking in front of the judges and having them say your dish is a standout dish that was a great feeling, I don’t want to be a server for the rest of my life. I expect more form myself now, and I feel like I take a lot of experience with me after being in the MasterChef Kitchen you definitely inspired as a cook and the hope for more something better.”


Now 14 chefs are left in the MasterChef Kitchen.

I liked this episode because I liked to see all the cool surf and turf dishes that the home cooks made.