MasterChef 07×08 Recap


MasterChef Season’s 8th episode, “The Good, the Bad and the Offal” starts with the remaining 15 home cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen to find out that the overall winner will have a guaranteed spot on the MasterChef Caribbean Cruise this November! They are also introduced to the season’s next guest judge Chef Edward Lee.

When they lift the Mystery Boxes they are surprised to find a single $20 bill. Tonight the home cooks will be shopping for everyday grocery store ingredients and cooking on a budget to make a healthy meal for a family of four. Chef Edward Lee will be joining them shopping in the pantry “store” and also cooking a family meal for under 20 dollars. As an extra prize the winning dish will be featured in Family Circle Magazine!


During the forty-five minute cooking time Brandi is doing very well since she cooks on a budget all the time at home. She promises Gordon she is going to make it MasterChef worthy. Eric is making one of his firehouse’s favorite dishes and tells Christina he is not worried at all since he often cooks on a tight budget. And D’Andre, who was once homeless, tells Gordon this helped him become a very good shopper and is confident he will make a delicious soup.

Time is up. Chef Edward Lee shares his green foods inspired Shrimp Green Curry. Gordon says it doesn’t taste like he cooked on a budget. Now the judges will taste the best three dishes in the challenge.

The first dish belongs to Shaun who made Trout Amandine with Wax Beans and Fish Broth. Christina says it is light and refreshing the fish is cooked well, but the skin could be crispier.

The second dish belongs to Brandi who made Seared Chicken Thigh with Polenta and Fried Green Tomatoes. Gordon says it looks beautiful and tastes delicious, but the polenta could use more vinegar for acidity.

The third dish belongs to Eric who made Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pesto and Roasted Asparagus. Chef Edward Lee says it is a great portion with great flavor and the pesto is really nice. The only suggestion he had was to remove the bone after cooking.

And the winner is … Shaun.


Shaun is safe from elimination and he is given a huge advantage. He is shown a bunch of animal parts: lamb kidneys, pig tripe, cow cheek, chicken liver, cow sweetbreads, lamb tongue, chicken oysters, lamb heart, pig tail, pig ears, chicken feet and bull testicles. He gets to give each unusual cut to one chef and save one chef. Shaun gives tripe to Diana, kidneys to Katie, pig ears to Tanorria, tongue to D’Andre, pig tail to Nathan, chicken feet to Eric, chicken oysters to Alejandro, and bull testicles to Dan. That means he saves Brandi from the Elimination Test. 🙂


During the cook time D’Andre burns his puree which has Shaun is laughing. 😦 Gordon is worried Diana’s food is not spicy enough! And Eric needs Chef Edward Lee’s help understanding the skin on the chicken feet is not a membrane. On the other hand, Nathan is confident he knows how to cook pig tail because he has had it before. Alejandro is happy to have the simplest protein to cook. And Tanorria thinks her pig’s ears came out beautiful.


Time is up.

Eric made Chicken Foot Madeira with Mashed Potatoes and Snap Peas. Gordon says it tastes wonderful, but the next time he serves feet on a plate he should at least trim the toenails!

D’Andre made Braised Lamb Tongue with Salad and Mustard Seed Caviar. Gordon says the plate looks terrible and when he tastes it he has to spit it out! It is cut uneven and much too tough!

Dan made Rocky Mountain Oysters with Peppers & Onions and Vinaigrette. Chef Edward Lee they taste good, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Alejandro made Chicken Oysters with Plantains and Mango Guacamole. Christina is disappointed. The food has little flavor and “nothing to write home about.”

Nathan made BBQ Pork Tail Sandwich with Fried Green Tomatoes. Gordon says it tastes good but the tail needed shredding.

Tanorria made Pig’s Ear Salad with Kale and Black-eyed Peas. Christina says it is the most beautiful dish and the ears are cooked well and taste amazing.

Katie made Kidney Curry. Chef Edward Lee thinks kidney is an odd protein to make curry with but says it tastes delicious. The curry is one of the best he’s ever had!

The final cook is Diana who made Tripe Menudo with Corn and Jalapenos. Gordon can’t find the tripe and what he can find is raw!! Not good.

And the end, Eric and Katie’s dishes are the top 2 and Alejandro, D’Andre & Diana’s dishes are on the bottom. Alejandro remains safe.

After being on the bottom for the third time in a row, Diana is sent home.

And then the judges shock everyone by sending D’Andre home too!

Now there are just 12 chefs are left. I liked this episode because I thought Edward was okay as a judge and I liked how some of the cooks handled the odd animal parts.

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