MasterChef 07×07 Recap



The season’s seventh episode starts with the remaining 15 home cooks walking onto the airfield at the Camarillo Air Museum to find out they will be cooking for 101 US Veterans in a Team Challenge. Gordon, Christina and guest judge, Chef Aarón Sánchez land on the runway in an old plane to get things started. The Blue Team is Alejandro, Andrea, D’Andre, Diamond, Brandi, Dan, Nathan & Shaun. The Red Team is David, Eric, Tanorria, Katie, Terry, Diana & Manny. Each team will have 75 minutes to prepare an outstanding Hanger Steak dish with two sides and one sauce. The winning team will be decided by a veterans’ vote and the losing team will face the dreaded pressure test!

During the cook time Gordon tells the Blue Team their potatoes need more salt. And their steak burns on the outside because Shaun put honey in the marinade. Hey eventually figure it out and get all their plates out first.

Over on the Red Team their plating is inconsistent. Some of the plates are missing their mushroom sauce. And Manny puts out steak dishes that are practically raw! Gordon gets very mad and warns them they had better start doing better. Blue Team finally gets it done for the veterans.

In the end the Blue Team gets 77 votes and the Red Team only gets 24! Blue Team wins! Red Team goes to the Pressure Test!


Gordon tells the Read Team they can save one of their team members. Chef Aarón says the losing team have three minutes to unanimously decide who should be saved, and if they can’t decide they will all go home! Everyone except David thinks Eric did the best job and should be saved. David makes a stink because he thinks he’s the one who deserves the save because he volunteered to lead the team. He is out voted. Eric is saved.


The Pressure Test will not be easy for the remaining 6 cooks. Gordon demonstrates how to break down a chicken into eight parts. They will have to cut up the chicken and make a box of amazingly crispy, perfectly juicy fried chicken.

During the cook time David is still complaining about not being saved. He is so mad he can’t even cut his chicken right! Gordon warns him to get his head back in the game. Tanorria who makes fried chicken all the time back home is feeling confident with her breading and seasoning. And with 5 and ½ minutes to go Gordon tells Katie she has breaded her chicken the wrong way! There is nothing she can do to fix it now.

Time is up.

David’s Chicken is very moist and seasoned well.

Terry’s Chicken is cooked perfectly and the judges say it is nice and juicy. Christina says he is a threat to everyone in the kitchen because he is such a good cook.

Katie’s chicken doesn’t looks right, but the taste is okay. She says her version of fried chicken is health conscious, but Chef Aarón is underwhelmed.


Manny’s chicken is way overcooked. Even the bone is charred. It tastes terrible. Christina says it tastes like a forest fire! 😦

Tanorria’s fried chicken has an amazing crunchy breading and tastes great. The judges love it. Chef Aarón says it is a home run.

And finally, Gordon says that Diana’s has to be one of the ugliest box of fried chicken anywhere in America. And it tastes repulsive, like a mouthful of sand. The cornmeal coating is so awful Gordon says he needs a new set of teeth after eating it.

In the end David, Terry & Tanorria present the best fried chicken dishes and they are safe. Katie, Diana and Manny have three worst dishes. Katie and Diana are also allowed to continue which sadly means Manny is going home.

Fellow firefighter, Eric says Manny is a class act and was one of his best friends on the show. He is going to miss him a lot! 🙂

Now here are 14 cooks left.

2016-07-16 17.19.58

I liked this episode because I liked to see Chef Aarón Sánchez again. I hope to see him on MasterChef Junior this fall. And I liked to see the home cooks make fried chicken, one of my favorite dishes.

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