MasterChef 07×06 Recap


The season’s next episode starts with the remaining 16 home cooks once again walking into the Masterchef Kitchen. Chef Aarón Sánchez is back as a guest judge! Christina tells the cooks that they will have to kill, poach and take apart a lobster. Gordon expertly demonstrates how to remove the most meat from the exoskeleton. The judges will inspect each cooks work and the ones that are not up to MasterChef Kitchen standards will have to compete in the next Elimination Challenge.


The cooks only have 20 minutes to do the job. Diamond is having problems since she does not eat meat or seafood and has no experience in cooking lobster. She is upset because she has never killed her food before. Brandi is also worried because she has never cooked live lobster before. She is from Kentucky and has only cooked with frozen seafoods. Diana, a professional server, thinks she can do it since she has seen it done in the restaurant she works at.

Time is up quickly and it’s time to find out who will be safe and who will be cooking in the Elimination Test.

Shaun – Yes.


Andrea – No.


Brandi – Yes.


Nathan – No.


Diamond – Yes!


Diana – No.


Katie – Yes.


Tanorria- Yes.


D’Andre – Yes.


Eric – No.


Dan – Yes.


Terry – Yes.


Manny – Yes.

David – Yes.

Lisa-Ann – No.


And, Alejandro – Yes.


Alejandro won the Lobster Challenge by amazing the chefs in removing even more meat than Gordon removed in his demonstration!

Now Lisa-Ann, Eric, Andrea, Nathan & Diana have to make homemade Lobster Tortellini using their lobster meat. Again, Gordon shows them how to do it. They have sixty minutes to make six perfect lobster tortellini in delicious broth.

During the cook time Eric is doing very well, even though he has never made tortellini from scratch. Lisa-Ann is not doing as well. She is focusing on her broth before she has made her pasta. Gordon suggests this is a big error on her part. Andrea is confident because she has made pasta dough before. Nathan is having problems folding his tortellini properly. And finally Diana thinks she is going to make the best pasta dish of the night.

Time is up.

Again, Eric’s dish looks very messy, but the flavor is great. Gordon says he needs to work on plating.

Some of Diana’s tortellini are breaking apart and filling with liquid. Gordon says she should have just the plated the two perfect ones, but that the taste was still okay.

Andrea’s dish looks amazing and tastes delicious. Christina says she can’t believe that Andrea has never made tortellini before and Aarón says he really likes her dish.

Nathan’s dish looks very bad but tastes awesome, especially the broth. Aarón is impressed by the broth and says it tastes almost as good as Gordon’s.


Finally, Lisa-Ann’s tortellini are falling apart and her broth is way too salty. She is upset and tells Gordon she knows she can do better and that she is not leaving!

The judges confer and decide that Nathan, Andrea and Eric’s tortellini have earned them spots on the balcony. This leaves Lisa-Ann & Diana on the bottom. And the one going home is … Lisa- Ann!

Now 15 chefs are left. I really liked how Chef Aarón returned as guest judge. I think he would do great on MasterChef Junior next season! He’ll be back for the 7th episode of this season, I can’t wait to see what happens!

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