Max’s Recap Masterchef S7x04


The 4th episode of Season 7 begins with the top 18 cooks learning they will cook for a very special wedding. Nick Nappi, a top four finalist from MasterChef Season 6 is getting married! He says he is living his dream as Executive Chef at Bar One in San Diego’s Little Italy. The Bride and Groom would like the home cooks to make Scallops and Lamb for their guests, who include many of Nick’s fellow contestants from Season 6!

20 year old Nathan is the Captain of the Blue Team. He will be leading Andrea, Katie, Barbara, Dan, Shaun, Brittany, Alejandro & D’Andre. 40 year old Terry is the Captain of the Red Team. He will be leading Brandi, David, Diamond, Tanorria, Eric, Manny, Lisa Ann & Diana. For some reason there will be no Pressure Test following the team challenge 😦 so the judges will be deciding who gets kicked off the losing team based on their observations during prep, cook and service.


The wedding is taking place on a very windy hill and it a big challenge to the home cooks. Huge gusts of wind blow the Red Team’s fires out and knock their plates off of tables. Terry freaks out at first, but Gordon coaches him to get things back on track. The appetizers start leaving the kitchen in no time.


On the Blue Team Nathan is screaming his head off trying to get people working together. Barbara starts cooking the scallops too soon, then she makes a horrid vinaigrette, then she has trouble plating. Shaun steps in to cook the scallops, but he burns them. Unbelievably, the Blue Team then starts to serve the appetizers raw! They barely pull it together.

The lamb entrée is also tough for the Blue Team. Even though he says he knows exactly how to do it, D’Andre can’t get the cook right on the orzo and the bottom burns. Luckily, Nathan’s leadership improves and Shaun gets the lamb perfectly medium rare and saves the dish for his team.


On the Red Team Manny has trouble getting the lamb cooked properly. He sends it up raw not once, but TWICE! Gordon tells the Red Team to get it together or he would shut the whole thing down. They need to feed the guests before the wedding speeches start! Terry helps everyone calm down and they get the plates out.


It is a close call, but in the end the winning team is announced by the bride tossing a colored bouquet of flowers. And the winning team is …

THE RED TEAM! Manny catches the red bouquet and is super happy!

20160630_111405Alejandro, Katie, Shaun & Nathan are the first to be saved by the judges at the wedding. Back in the MasterChef Kitchen Andrea, Dan and Britany are also saved, leaving D’Andre and Barbara in the bottom. Gordon tells D’Andre that he is getting one more chance to show he has what it takes to be a MasterChef Champion and that means Barbara is going home 😦

There are now 17 home cooks are left. I liked this episode because I was happy to see Nick again. I also noticed that Brandi really knows her meats because she was the only home cook who noticed the lamb was raw. Cooking lamb perfectly is very important.

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