Max’s Recap Masterchef S7x03


The 3rd episode of Season 7 begins with the top 20 cooks walking in the MasterChef Kitchen to meet guest judge Wolfgang Puck! He gives the excited home cooks their first Mystery Box Challenge and it is … Potatoes! They have 60 minutes to cook a potato dish that will wow the judges. The judges walk around to check on the dishes and Wolfgang is curious about Andrea’s Tortilla Española. He thinks she has the flavors right 🙂


When there is only ten minutes left Gordon stops the clock to tell the contestants that 1 chef will be going home after this challenge! Yikes! Pressure!

Time is up. The judges call the 3 worst dishes forward. The first one belongs to … 20 year old Nathan, a Tuxedo Salesman from Slippery Rock, PA. He made a Twice Baked Potato. Wolfgang says it looks like someone ate it already. 😮 And the potato is undercooked.

The second worst dish belongs to … 25 year old Cassie, a Bakery Clerk from Clear Lake, IA. She made a standard Steak and Potatoes that lacks in presentation. Wolfgang says if he ordered it at a restaurant he would send it back because it has no color!

And the last worst dish belongs to 62 year old Bill, a retiree from Pauma Valley, CA. He made Potato Pancakes that Wolfgang says are too plain and too crunchy. Underwhelming.

And the first home cook to leave the MasterChef Kitchen is … Cassie.


Next, the judges decide the best potato dish belongs to … Andrea! Not only is she safe from elimination, she also gets to save half the contestants. She must choose between the men and the women. Andrea decides to save the women cooks and they all dance up to the balcony together.


For the Elimination Challenge the men have to replicate one of Gordon’s 3 Star Michelin Dishes. They watch him closely as he makes a fancy fish dish. It is Halibut with Carrot and Potatoes but they don’t know the exact ingredients. They just have to make educated guesses by the look and taste!

During the cooking time Bill is struggling finding his knives and figuring out the right ingredients. Terry is doing very well, but Dan burns his fish.

Time is up. Now the judges will taste each dish. Nathan’s looks stunning. It is cooked nicely and almost everything is right on his dish.


Bill’s dish is just bad. It is missing a lot of the ingredients and doesn’t taste very good.

Eric’s dish looks really good but the judges say it is very sweet.

David’s dish has the wrong fish, but it tastes good.

D’Andre’s dish is not up to par. His puree is soggy and his fish is way overcooked.

Terry’s dish is spot on! He got everything on his dish just right.

And finally, Dan’s dish looks terrible. Gordon says its looks like someone puked on it! But despite this gross presentation it is cooked well.

The judges decide the 2 best dishes belong to Nathan and Terry. They will be Team Captains next episode.

The 2 worst belong to Bill and D’Andre. And the next cook going home is … Bill. D’Andre is safe for now!

18 chefs are left.

I liked this episode because I liked to see Wolfgang Puck and to see how good the home cooks really are.

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Max’s Recap Masterchef S7x02

The second episode of season seven begins with the battle for aprons starting back up. First to compete, Takeila, a 38 year old Nail Technician from Park Forrest, IL, & Dan, a 26 year old Server from Charlotte, NC.

They have to cook tacos. During the cook time, Takeila may be trying to do too much, making a taco and a cornbread waffle on the side. When it’s time for the tasting, her Jerk Chicken Taco tastes nice, and so do the waffles, but the two foods do not make sense together. Dan made Beer Battered Fish Tacos. They are delicious, but they are a little too spicy.

And the one who gets the MasterChef Apron is … Dan!


Next up is Zack, a 30 year old Construction Worker from Bellville, MI & Alejandro, a 26 year old Voiceover Artist from Miami, FL.

They compete to make the better burger. Both home cooks definitely know their way around the kitchen and create complicated burgers. Alejandro made a “Hamburger Con Todo” which a burger with everything! It is cooked perfectly and tastes nice and spicy. Zack made a “Black and Blue Burger.” It is a blackened spiced patty stuffed with Bleu Cheese! Christina thinks it tastes good, but it is way over seasoned for Gordon.

Unexpectedly, the judges ask the cooks to introduce their mothers, who are outside cheering their sons on. And the winner of the second MasterChef Apron is … Alejandro!


Next up are 4 cooks: Neco, 37, Manicurist from Detroit, MI; Tanorria, 34, Credit Union Coordinator from Chattanooga, TN; Shawn, 35, Restaurant Manager from Las Vegas, NV, & Brittany, 22, Server from New Hartford, NY.

They each cook their version of the classic combination of Shrimp & Grits. Two of these cooks will win an apron and two will go home.

Neco made 4 Cheese Shrimp & Grits that taste nice, but the grits are a little bland because she cooked them in water, instead of broth. Brittany made Italian Shrimp & Grits that are very yummy. Gordon and Christina agree that both the shrimp and the grits are cooked wonderfully and the flavor is surprisingly delicious. Shawn’s grits are good, but unfortunately the shrimp are really over cooked. A fatal error in the MasterChef Kitchen. Finally, Tanorria’s Classic Southern Shrimp & Grits are the best ones of the day. Her grandmother’s recipe paid off!

And the winners are … Tanorria & Brittany!


The next 5 home cooks to get MasterChef Aprons are:





and D’Andre.

We will be learning more about them in future episodes.

Now there is one last apron to be won. The last 2 cooks to compete are both 33 year olds from Las Vegas, NV, DiscJockey, Shaun & Truck Driver, James.

They have sixty minutes to create a restaurant quality Surf & Turf dish. During the cook time Shaun has trouble with time management and doesn’t plate his dish until the last 60 seconds! He made a fancy and visually appealing Filet Mignon with Lobster Tail. Both proteins are cooked beautifully and taste absolutely delicious. James made a something complex and unexpected, Rib Eye & Shrimp Balls. His plating looks rather messy, but both judges think his dish tastes exceptionally good.

Gordon and Christina are split about which dish is better and so they have to spend more time deciding which home cook should move forward in the competition. The final MasterChef Apron goes to … Shaun!


Now we have our top 20 home cooks! I liked this episode because we got to meet some more good cooks and now the real show can begin. 🙂



Max’s Recap Masterchef S7x01


MasterChef Season 7 starts with Gordon and Christina welcoming 40 of America’s newest top home cooks outside of the MasterChef Kitchen. Each of them will go inside to cook for a MasterChef Apron.

First up is Brandi, a 27 year old 5th Grade Teacher from Irvington, KY. She is being cheered on by her son who seems like a nice kid. She is competing against Samson, a 29 year old Mixologist from LA, CA. Both cooks are cooking a restaurant quality steak dish in just thirty minutes.

And when Gordon says “Hands up!” it’s time for the first tasting of the new season!

Brandi made a Cast Iron Seared Steak. It is cooked perfectly and tastes delicious, but Christina thinks the mushrooms are a little undercooked.


Samson made a Pan Seared Steak which is tasty, but the rest of the dish is just okay, nothing too special.


So, the first MasterChef Apron goes to … Brandi!

Next up is Andrea (who won Chopped College on the Food Network), a 21 year old Student from Miami, FL & Taylor, a 28 year old Digital Marketer from Austin, TX. Both cooks are asked to bake their best cupcakes.

During the cook time Taylor’s cupcakes are not rising, possibly because she chose to take a big risk and whip the egg whites separately before mixing them in the batter. She is anxious and worried about whether her cupcakes will be good enough. Only time will tell. Hands up!

So unfortunately, as she had feared, Taylor’s Yellow Cupcakes did not rise and turn out too thin and uneven. But both judges say they still taste good.


In a nod to her Cuban heritage, Andrea made Guava Cupcakes. They bake up well and even though the guava flavor does not really come through they still taste amazing.


And the second MasterChef Apron goes to … Andrea!


Next 4 firefighters who cook for their fire houses battle it out for two aprons: Joe, 37, from Brooklyn, NY; Eric, 26, from Queens, NY; Freddy, 47, from Milwaukee, WI; & Manny, 29, from Orlando, FL (who won Cutthroat Kitchen, The Firefighter’s Edition, also on Food Network). They will each cook their Signature Dishes to try and win a spot in the MasterChef Kitchen.

When time is up, the judges start tasting. Freddy made Chicken Curry which is good but not perfect. The judges suggest that deep curry flavors need more time to develop.


Eric made Turkey Egg Rolls and the judges say they are surprisingly very yummy.


Manny made Chimichurri Steak. The meat is cooked perfectly and has good flavor.


Finally, Joe made Pan Seared Pork. Sadly, the pork chop is overcooked and a bit dry inside.


The apron winning dishes go to … Eric and Manny!



The next 5 home cooks to get MasterChef Aprons are Terry,




and Lisa Anne.

We will learn more about them in future episodes.

The last 2 cooks of the day are young fathers, David, a 35 year old poker player from Las Vegas,   NV and Joe, a 32 year old Restaurant Marking Manger from Philly, PA. Both are cooking Pork and confident they will be the winning the apron.


Joe made Brandied Cherry Pork Chop. Regrettably, it is undercooked.


David made a Pork Chop that is nicely cooked. Although it tastes delectable, Gordon points out is too salty for his taste.


Ultimately, the one who gets to tell their kid they won the apron is … David!


The next episode will reveal who will win the remaining 10 aprons.

I liked this episode because I liked to see who the first 10 new home cooks in the top 20 are. So far my favorite is Brandi because she seems like a nice lady. 🙂