Max’s Recap Masterchef S5x06


The captivating episode starts with the remaining 16 cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen. They lift the Mystery Box to find they will need to cook with canned food. No one is really happy about this.

During the cook time Jaimee is completely stumped and cannot think of what to make until she finally thinks of soup. On the other hand, Ahran is working well with the ingredients and is making a cake. Elizabeth says she grew up eating canned food so she is not afraid of working with the bland flavors.

Time is up.

The first best dish belongs to … Elizabeth. She made Borscht and the judges say it is seasoned well and it tastes very nice. Borscht, an Eastern European soup made with beets, was a creative idea. The next best dish belongs to… Victoria, a bar tender from Texas. She made Potted Meat Fritters that are cooked perfectly and taste delectable. And the last best dish belongs to … Ahran. She made a Rolled Sponge Cake that is very soft and tastes yummy. And the winner is … Elizabeth.


Her Mystery Box Challenge win means she is safe and gets to meet MasterChef Jr Season 1 winner, Alexander and MasterChef Season 4 winner, Luca! Each winning chef bought one of their signature dishes for the cooks to recreate the Elimination Challenge. Luca brought his Pancetta Wrapped Veal and Alexander brought his famously delicious Passion Fruit Panna Cotta. Elizabeth must choose who will cook which dish. She decides Cutter, Christin, Jaimee, Christine, Ahran, Francis B, Victoria and Tyler will make the panna cotta and the rest of the cooks will be making the veal dish.

During the cook time rather than recreate, Willie is trying to reimagine Luca’s dish! Gordon says that is probably not the best idea on his part!

mc56wc Even though Courtney has never cooked veal before, she is cooking with confidence and says Elizabeth may have misjudged her abilities. Jaimee puts three panna cottas in the blast chiller to set, but when she goes back to get them she can only find two! Unfortunately for her neither one had set properly.


Time is up. Sadly, Alexander and Luca don’t stay on as judges. They say their goodbyes and good lucks to the home cooks before leaving the MasterChef Kitchen.

Courtney’s Pancetta Wrapped Veal looks stunning. She nailed the cook on the veal and her dish tastes great.


Willie’s veal is rather bad because for some reason he actually cooked the tender veal twice! It is way too dry! Gordon says he may be back at Church on Sunday! 😮

Christin’s Passion Fruit Panna Cotta has problems. He put too much jelly inside and forgot to add fresh fruit on top! Cutter’s panna cotta turned out well, Joe enjoyed the taste. Unfortunately, Jaimee’s panna cotta falls apart! It tastes like pudding! When Tyler brings up his panna cotta, Gordon tells him that he accidently pulled Jaimee’s dish out of the blast chiller instead of his own.

For the first time in MasterChef history a home cook did not serve the judges their own food! Such a big mistake means he is out and going home! Tyler is shocked and devastated. Everyone looks sad about it as he takes off his apron and leaves the kitchen.


I am sure Alexander and Luca would be sad too if they were among the judges. Also if not Tyler’s mistake I think Willie would have been sent home.

In a quick change of mood Gordon announces the best dish belongs to Courtney! Now 15 chefs remain.



I liked this episode because I was happy to see Alexander again. I loved him on the first season of MasterChef JR when I also fell in love with the show. I wish he and Luca stayed as judges.

Max’s Recap Masterchef S5x05


The electrifying episode starts with the remaining 17 cooks walking on a beach. They find out they will have to cook for a wedding! Leslie is the captain of the Red Team. He chooses Christin, Francis B., Tyler, Daniel, Christine, Ahran, Jordon & Jamiee. Francis L. is the captain of the Blue Team. He chooses Courtney, Cutter, Willie, Elizabeth, Elise, Dan Wu & Victoria. The two teams will have to create inspired menus using Scallops and Sea Bass.


During the cook the Blue Team quickly decides on their menu while the Red Team argues over what to cook. Captain Leslie is having trouble communicating with his team, plus Gordon doesn’t like the idea they eventually settle on – grilled Sea Bass. He says it’s too simple for a wedding.


Daniel tries to appoint Francis B. as team captain but Leslie stands his ground.


Over on the Blue Team the scallops are cold and Gordon tells them to refire the protein. Captain Francis L. takes charge and the cooks are able to pull it together.


Back on the Red Team Jordon keeps walking back and forth, unable to focus on a task, while Christin rudely complains

mc55jw. Meanwhile, Tyler is tasting too much fish and the team run out of Bass!

Not surprisingly the winning team is … THE BLUE TEAM! Leslie is so mad his team lost he takes it out on Ahran, who is brought to tears. 😦

Back in the MasterChef Kitchen the judges announce that only 3 cooks will be subjected to the dreaded Pressure Test. Each judge will choose a cook from the Red Team they feel did not work up to their potential during the Wedding Team Challenge. Gordon picks Leslie because he lacked leadership skills, Graham picks Jordon because he lacked focus and Joe picks Francis B. because he failed to step up when his team needed him. The three cooks will execute the best possible Steak & Frites dish.

During the cook time Jordon’s pan is not hot enough and he doesn’t get a good sear on his meat. Leslie is doing very well, he is confident in his ability to cook steak. And Francis B. cooks his fries too early causing them to cool and become greasy.

Time is up.

Leslie’s steak is cooked perfectly and it tastes delicious, but his fries are soggy. Jordon’s steak is seasoned well, but overcooked. His fries are just okay. And finally, Francis B.’s steak tastes good, but is a little overcooked. Luckily, his fries are yummy. The judges decide that Leslie has the best overall dish and the other cook who is safe is … Francis B. That means Jordon is going home. 😦 mc55bs

On his way out, he puts his apron back on his station and all the other cooks clap for him. 🙂


Now 16 home cooks lefI thought it was bizarre that Leslie got so mad when his team lost in this episode. I also liked to see them cook with Steak because I learned tips on how to get that medium rare cook I love. ❤