Max’s Recap MasterChef S5x02



After Season Five try-outs took place around the country the top 22 cooks selected are: Ahran, Astrid, Christin, Christine, Courtney, Cutter, Dan, Daniel, Elise, Elizabeth, Francis B, Francis L, Gordon, Jaimee, Jordan, Kira, Leslie, Stephani, Tyler, Victoria, Whitney & Willie. It time for the first Mystery Box Challenge and inside is an assortment of baking ingredients. At the end of the Mystery Box Challenge one cook will be going home before they even get to the Elimination Test!

During the cook time, Astrid from Louisiana says she does not bake! We hear Jamiee’s story about how she was picked on as a kid for being shy. She loves to bake pies though. She even has a mixer tattooed on her arm.

Elizabeth starts badmouthing Leslie because he is rich and lives in Malibu. She says his wife works and he doesn’t, as if there is something wrong with this. Leslie gets very mad at her sexist commentary.


Time is up and the judges call Cutter, Astrid, Willie and Courtney to the front. The worst 2 dishes belong to Cutter and Astrid, so one of them will go home. Cutter made Cappuccino Pudding. It looks dreadful and he did not cook it correctly. Astrid made Lemon Bars. Unfortunately, the bars are raw inside and taste horrible. The first home cook going home is….Astrid.


Now the judges taste the 2 best dishes by Courtney & Willie. Courtney made a Honey Cake that looks stunning, tastes scrumptious, and has a nice crunch. Willie made a Gingerbread Cake that looks great and tastes luscious, but Joe thinks the ginger is a little overpowering. And the winner of the first Mystery Box Challenge is … Courtney! mc52cw

Now it’s time for the Elimination Test. Courtney’s win means she is safe and gets to decide what the cooks will have to make next. She gets to pick between 3 things you can make with ground meat: meatballs, meatloaf or hamburger. She picks meatloaf. Courtney also gets to save 10 more cooks from elimination. Courtney chooses Leslie, Jamiee, Gordon, Elise, Cutter, Francis L, Kira, Ahran, Elizabeth & Christin., leaving 10 cooks to compete.

During the cooking time Stephani, a Food Server from Michigan, wants to put Blue Cheese on her meatloaf and Gordon questions whether this is such a good idea. Jordon, a student from Wisconsin, decides to season his meatloaf after it is cooked, which might be a little too late. And Willie, a Church Music Director from Texas, who is feeling sad Courtney didn’t save him because he was one of the top two in the Mystery Box Challenge is doing just fine making his meatloaf.

Time is up. Francis B’s meatloaf tastes delicious and the sauce is amazing. Joe says the sauce is a “MasterChef’ idea!

mc52cm Stephani’s meatloaf with Blue Cheese and couscous is way too dry. Gordon can’t even eat it and to everyone’s surprise he spits it out!

mc52stWhitney’s dish is also dreadful. Gordon says it is like a flavorless TV dinner.


Christine, an Investment Director from New York, made a meatloaf that tastes awesome. Jordon’s dish was not properly seasoned and Gordon says it shows how inexperienced he is. Daniel, a Video Game Developer from California, made a good dish. Joe says he likes everything about it. Willie’s dish tastes great again, his seasoning it spot on. And lastly, Gordon says Dan’s dish is “Absolutely … disgusting!” The meatloaf is very wet and soggy.


In the end the judges decide Francis B made the best meatloaf dish and Dan, Whitney and Stephani made the worst.

20160222_131726 Dan is the first to be safe and the cook going home is … Whitney, the Call Center Representative from Ohio. That means Stephani is safe and now 20 cooks remain.

I liked this MasterChef episode because I liked getting to know the new contestants. It was fun to see how the cooks tackle a simple dish like meatloaf.

Max’s Recap MasterChef JR S4x12


The last episode starts with Gordon introducing the top 2 remaining chefs, Addison and Avery. Each young cook will have to prepare a great three course meal for the judges, but before they start cooking they get to hear from their families and the past contestants. And then they are off to grab their ingredients in the pantry and get cooking. Addison is making Sake Shrimp Seaweed & Sea Bean Salad, Miso Black Cod and A Green Tea Panna Cotta.   Avery is making Asparagus Soup with Smoked Oysters, Lobster & Crawfish Etouffee and Strawberry & Rhubarb Shortcake.mj412cc

During the cooking time Zac is very impressed with how well Addison and Avery are cooking.

20160208_144751 At the 30 minute mark Addison cuts her finger! But the medics quickly patch it up and she gets right back to work.

Time is up and the young cooks have to serve their food to the judges for one last time. For the appetizer Addison made Sake Marinated Shrimp. She nailed the cook on the shrimp, it has a nice flavor. And the plum is great. Avery made Cream of Asparagus Soup. It looks stunning, the oysters are great, but Gordon says his oyster is overcooked! Both Graham and Christina looked surprised because their oysters were cooked perfectly. Addison perks up with a smile because she realizes this may be the edge she needs to win.


For the entrees, Avery made Seafood Etouffee. The lobster is cooked beautifully. Her dish has great seasoning and spice. Addison made Miso Black Cod. It is cooked amazingly, it is still moist even though she cooked it under the broiler, and the rice and broth are delectable.

For dessert, Addison made Green Tea Panna Cotta with Poky Sticks. It has great texture and tastes perfect, but Gordon thinks there are too many cookie crumbs on the plate. Christina disagrees and says she thinks there are just enough. Avery made a Strawberry Shortcake. The biscuit is nice and flaky, the fruit is perfectly prepared and overall it is a very rich dessert. All three judges love it.


Now it is time to deliberate. Once the judges decide on a winner they come out and ask Addison and Avery to take their place on the MasterChef Stage and after some build up they announce the winner is …. Addison!

She is very excited to win! Avery says she is happy about how far she got in the competition.

Addison says, “I am the next Masterchef Junior!”


I liked this season because all the kids were really good at cooking. And even though he didn’t win, Zac is still my favorite. No matter what, he is a winner in my eyes,   based on his amazing attitude. 🙂 See you next season!