Max’s Recap MasterChef JR S4x06


5435acb0-84b8-0133-d0b9-10604ba4c9b1_1920x1080_90 (2)The sixth episode starts with the top 14 cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen where they find out they have to work in teams to make lemonade. The teams are decided by drawing straws. Short straws on the Red Team and long straws on the Blue Team.

mj406dd The Blue Team is Amaya, Kaitlyn, Mia, Zac, Corey, Addison & Tae-Ho.

mj406cc             The Red Team is Ian, Jesse, Avery, Kya, Kamilly, Sam & JJ.

On the Red Team Sam acts like a team captain which helps them be organized. But on the Blue Team all the kids MCJ4_406-14-12-Chlng_0199_hires1_0want to be in charge and so they spend too much time arguing about what to do. Whenmj406jj they are done making the lemonade Judge Christina does a blind taste test to decide which team made the best Raspberry Lemonade. She likes the raspberry flavor in the Red Team’s glass and they win. The Blue Team gets a huge balloon of lemonade poured on their heads! And then so does the Red Team. But the Red Team is safe and the Blue Team goes on to the dreaded Elimination Test.MCJ4_406-14-12-Chlng_0477_hires1_0_0

For the next challenge the judges dress up in costumes from the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s. The Blue Team finds out it has to make “Surf and Turf,” a popular dish from the 80’s. They will be using steak and lobster.

Screenshot_2015-12-12-09-20-53During the cooking time. Mia is nervous because she is a vegetarian and does not eat meat or lobster which means she isn’t really sure about how her dish should taste. Zac accidently burns the palm of his left hand which scares little Kya up on the balcony. He has already cut his right hand in the Screenshot_2015-12-12-09-22-30Lemonade challenge and now he has 2 hurt hands and he really is in pain. Poor kid. 😦 Once he is treated by the medics and can cook again, Gordon tells him to put salt on a hot pan handle so he remembers not to touchScreenshot_2015-12-12-09-25-52 it. Gordon is also worried about Tae-Ho’s dish because he is using Sriracha in his filet sauce and it will likely overpower the taste of the meat. 😮

Time is up.


Addison made Steak Diane & Stuffed Lobster with Grilled Asparagus. It is cooked great and it tastes very good. Tae-Ho made Lobster & Filet Mignon with Cauliflower-Spinach Purée and Dynamite Sauce. Sadly, Gordon was right, the sauce is all wrong and the steak is overcooked, but the lobster is cooked well and tastes great. Zac made Filet Mignon & LobsterScreenshot_2015-12-12-09-17-34 with Parsnip Puree and Potatoes. The meat is cooked spot on, nice and pink, and it tastes delicious. Zac’s lobster is also very tasty. Amaya made Filet Mignon & Lobster with Green Rice and Garlic Sauce. It is cooked well but it has too much garlic. Mia made Steak Au Poivre & Lobster with Brussels Sprouts. mj406mvUnfortunately, her lobster is raw and so is the steak. Kaitlyn made Filet Mignon & Lobster with Roasted Potatoes, Fried Brussels Sprouts and Beurre Blanc. She nails both proteins. The judges are blown away and say her dish is delectable. And finally, Corey made NY Strip & Lobster with Asparagus and Red Wine Sauce. Unhappily, it is way too salty and Graham almost can’t eat it!mj406vv

In the end the judges decide that Kaitlyn has the best Surf & Turf dish of the night. Zac, Addison Screenshot_2015-12-12-09-14-12and Amaya also had amazing dishes, but Tae-Ho, Mia and Corey’s dishes are not very good. Gordon tells Corey he is safe and can go up to the balcony, which means Tae-Ho and Mia are going home! Mixed emotions! Zac looks veryScreenshot_2015-12-12-09-13-26 shocked and sad for Tae-Ho who is taking it well and comforting a tearful Mia. While Sam is excited that his friend Corey is staying in the competition. When Mia and Tae-Ho are walking out the doors of the MasterChef Kitchen with their hands in the air, all the young cooks are clapping for their friends and saying their goodbyes.


I liked this episode because I liked how brave Zac was after he burned his hand. But I also felt sad for Tae-Ho because I really liked watching him cook. Now there are 12 cooks left.

Max’s Recap MasterChef JR S4x05

mcj_s4_ep_5_addison_tractor_0mj405bbThe fifth episode of season four starts with the top 18 young cooks riding in the back of a wagon into an open field. It’s time for the first Team mj405ccChallenge and they have to cook for a giant kid’s birthday party. There is a bounce house, a carousel and carnival games, but the young cooks will not be playing, they will be cooking. Addison & Nate are the team captains. Addison’smj405dd Blue Team is Kya, Kamilly, Kaitlyn, Corey, Zac, Mia & Tae-Ho. Nate’s Red Team is Sam, JJ, Ian, Amaya, Jesse, Avery & Derek. Screenshot_2015-12-07-15-47-37Shockingly, Tae-Ho is one of the last picks! 😮 The kids at the party will vote on their favorite dishes and the team that loses will go to the First Pressure Test of Masterchef Junior!

ramsay_0During the challenge, Nate is having trouble as the captain and everyone is asking him what to do. But Gordon pulls him aside and helps him take charge of his team. Over on the Blue Team, Zac and Tae-Ho are doing well preparing and cooking the chicken wings, unlike Jesse and Sam, on themcj_s4_ep_5_jesse_sam_graham_grill_0_0 Red Team,  who are burning theirs! On the Blue Team, Mia puts too much spice on the fish and Kamilly decides she will wash the hot pepper off with water and start over again. Because the Red Team burned so much chicken, they are out of wings and losing votes! While over on the Blue Team’s side 7112846_you-say-its-your-birfday-masterchef-junior_933b203_m Addison finds out the fish is raw and she is worried that some of the kids might get sick and get sent to the hospital! It’s a chaotic service for both teams but they finally feed all the guests, including Gordon and Graham’s children!mj405hh

In the end the winning team, by a small margin, is … The Blue Team! As they are celebrating their win, Captain Nate tells his losing team that they all did a great job! 🙂 But now his team will be heading to the pressure test.

Masterchef_Junior_S04E05Back in the MasterChef Kitchen the kids see a ginormous tree made of cream puff pastries. Christina Tosi tells the kids that they will be making a very complex and difficult dessert – a mini Croquembouche. During the cooking time the Blue TeamScreenshot_2015-12-07-15-53-56 members are up on the balcony cheering for their friends. Nate is having trouble getting the dough out of his pastry bag and is losing cream puffs. The judges worry he will not have enough to build his tower. Derek does his best to control the amount of filling in each pastry, but it is a tough job.  JJ is feeling very confident that he can mcj_s4_ep_5_derek_cooking_icing_0make this dessert because his is a very good baker.  And, Ian is burning his caramel!! Fortunately for Ian, Gordon helps him before time is up.

mcj_s4_ep_5_sam_christina_judging_0Now each of the young cooks bring their croquembouche to the front so the judges can check them out. Sam’s dessert looks stunning andScreenshot_2015-12-07-15-54-20 Christina is flabbergasted at how delicious the cream puffs taste. She asks if he wants a job at the MilkBar and Sam shocks her by answering that he doesn’t think of baking as a real job. 😮 Unfortunately, Nate’s croquembouche isScreenshot_2015-12-07-15-57-15 too small, his cream puffs are undercooked and he burnt the caramel. Zac looks very worried for Nate because of this poor review. Jesse’s tower looks good and tastes well enough, but the caramel is too dark. JJ’s looks just okay, however he nailed the caramel and his profiteroles taste delicious. Avery’s Screenshot_2015-12-07-15-56-31dessert tastes luscious, but it looks lopsided. Sadly, Derek’s croquembouche is very wet inside because the pastry is undercooked. Again Zac looks on from the balcony, very worried for his buddy. Amaya’s tower looks a bit odd, but the judges it tastes fine. And finally, Ian’s dessert looks very messy, however his profiteroles and cream filling are very good.

mcj_s4_ep_5_crying_0In the end, Sam has the best mini croquembouche of the night! JJ, Avery and Jesse’s desserts are also in the top. That leaves leaves Derek, Nate, Amaya and Ian’s desserts in the bottom. The judges say that the 2 cooks who are stillScreenshot_2015-12-07-15-58-51 safe are Ian and Amaya. That means Nate and Derek are going homeThey are invited to come up and hug the judges goodbye. As they are walking out of the MasterChef Kitchen all the kids looks very sad, but they are clapping for Derek & Nate and wishing their friends well. Now there 14 cooks left.

Screenshot_2015-12-07-15-58-18I liked this episode because I liked to see how they all worked well together in the team challenge. Also, I want to learn how to make a croquembouche someday and seeing the kids do it on the show made it look doable. Lastly, I was glad to see JJ make another really good dish. He’s a top competitor.


Max’s Recap MasterChef JR S4x04

mj404eeThe episode starts with the top 18 young cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen. They are split into three teams of six to compete is a relay race to make a humongous 7 layer dip with smashed beans, corn cut off the cob, onion and tomato salsa, premade guacamole, cut lettuce, sourmj404aa cream and chives and a final layer of shredded cheese. The team that wins gets to dunk a judge’s face in the bowl of dip! The three teams are: Ian, Jesse, Amaya, JJ, Zac & Mia; Avery, Adam, Jaeclyn, Derek, Kaitlyn & Tae-Ho; and Kya, Addison, Sam, Kamilly, Corey & Nate.

MCJ4_404-18-16-Chlng_0397_hires1_0_0In the end Ian’s team wins! And he dunks Christina’s head in his team’s dip. Then Avery rams Graham’s head in her team’s bowl of guacamole. And finally, Kya stuffs Gordon’s face in her team’s layered dip. Avery helps 😮

Now it’s time for the Elimination Test. Ian, JJ, Zac, Mia, Jesse, and Amaya are all safe because they won the relay and they get the added advantage of choosing what the ingredients the other kids will have to cook with. The 3mj404cc types of food are supposed to describe something about the judges. Christina is spicy, Graham is stinky and Gordon is wrinkly. Together they decide to pick the sticky foods: blue cheese, truffle oil, garlic, fish sauce, rose water, corn fungus and sardines.

mcj_s4_ep_4_amaya_yelling_0During the cooking time Tae-Ho is revolted by the smell of the truffle oil. Addison burns her soup, but pulls it together in the end. Adam has trouble with his homemade pasta. JJ and Amaya try to help by calling directions from the balcony. Adam says he can do it and JJ is ok with that, but Amaya gets annoyed and rudely walks off saying “Okay, I’m done!”

Time is up. Addison made Tom Kha Gai. It is remarkable that she used rosemj404hh water, garlic, fish sauce and corn fungus and it still tasted delicious. Her soup is so good Gordon wants to check in her hat to see if she is hiding a recipe in there 🙂 Derek made Rib Eye Steak with a garlic rub. He nailed the cook on the steak, seasoned it well and it tastes amazing. Kya made Poached Chicken. She used the truffle oil well and the chicken was great but she forgot to take off the skin which was kind of rubbery. Avery also used garlic. She made Seared Lamb Chops. The cook is good but the dish needs more color. Jaeclyn made Shrimp and Pineapple Kabob. Sadly the shrimp is not evenly cooked, parts mj404jjof it are raw, and you can’t taste the garlic. Corey made homemade Farfalle which is a thick, flat pasta, with garlic flavoring. It is good but the garlic doesn’t really stand out. Nate made Rib Eye Steak with Blue Cheese. It is cooked to perfection and lip-smacking good. Gordon says the blue cheese is amazing and elevates the dish in the best way possible. Finally, Adam made Hand Cut Pasta with Sardines in Truffle Oil. The pasta is too thick, the sauce is too salty and the truffle oil is too strong. 😦

In the end, Nate and Addison have the best dishes. Corey, Jacelyn and mcj_s4_ep_4_bottom_3_0Adam’s dishes are on the bottom. The one who is safe is … Corey, that means Adam and Jacelyn are going home. As they are walking out of the MasterChef Kitchen all the kids hug them goodbye. As seems to be his custom, Derek picks up Jacelyn and Tae-Ho quickly lifts Adam into Screenshot_2015-11-28-07-23-24the air. Tae-Ho is going to miss his buddy. And although Adam doesn’t want to leave he says he is okay and heads out the doors with Jacelyn with two thumbs up! Now 16 cooks are left.Screenshot_2015-12-04-09-02-53


I like this episode because the relay race was fun to watch and I liked to see how the kids used their creativity in cooking with smelly foods. I also really appreciated how nice the kids are to each other during the goodbyes, especially Tae-Ho!

Max’s Recap MasterChef JR S4x03

mj403aaThe 3rd episode starts with the top 20 young cooks walking into the MasterChef Kitchen. The judges are dressed in space suits and introducemj403bb real live astronaut, Tracy Dyson. She tells them mj403ddabout preparing meals in space and gives them a hint about the next Mystery Box – something about the moon. Under the box they find many kinds of cheese and have to cook a MasterChef Kitchen quality cheese dish. Everyone likes cheese so the young cooks get right to work.

After the 60 minutes cooking time the judges say that the first best dishScreenshot_2015-11-23-07-30-18 belongs to Addison. She made Three Cheese Ravioli. It looks stunning and it tastes lip-smacking good. But Gordon tells her not to layer the ravioli on top of each other because they get flattened out. The next best dish belongs to Kaitlyn who was really thinking out of the box when she made a play on the French Macaron by making Lemon Ricotta Cookies. lemonThey are tasty and the lemon flavor really pops. And the last best dish belongs to JJ, a 12 year old boy from TX, who made one of his favorite dishes, a Cheese Enchilada. It is nice and crisp and tastes very delicious. And the winner of the best cheese dish is Kaitlyn’s cookies. Both Addison and JJ look very happy for her. 🙂

mj403jjKaitlyn is now safe from the Elimination Challenge. The cooks find out they have to cook fish when Graham brings out a 100 pound moonfish and flops it on the counter. Tae-Ho acts quickly to protect his friends from getting hit by the big fish. 🙂 Kaitlyn6960239_masterchef-junior-has-a-seafood-interlude_4e203657_m gets to save one other chef and she picks her friend, Addison. They will get to try a moonfish dish cooked by Graham on the balcony, but first Kaitlyn must act as fishmonger and a throw whole fish to each of her competitors. The young cooks will have to scale and break down their fish before making their dish. This is a tough challenge.

bc2de954-de9d-4638-99a6-f9225bfef8e0During the cooking time the judges talk with Kya, Nate and Derek. Kya says she is cooking with Asian flavors because that is where she is from and that is her strength. Nate is also cooking with Asian ingredients and says he would like to travel to Asiamj403ff someday. Gordon asks Derek how far he thinks he will go in the competition and Derek says he is going all the way and winning it. With ten minutes left Graham and Cristina notice the youngest cook, Ian has not even started cooking his fish yet and they encourage him to get going.

Screenshot_2015-11-23-07-31-13Time is up. Avery made Pecan Crusted Halibut. The dish looks stunning, the fish tastes amazing and the mash is also very good. Jaeclyn made Thai Snapper Tacos. Her mother taught her to make tacos when she was seven, but today they taste bland and the fish is not a stand out. Derek made Dover Sole. It has lots of amazing favor and everything is seasoned to perfection. Vivian also cooked with the Thai untitledSnapper. Unfortunately, her dish has problems. The fish is very soggy, the veggies are raw and the sauce is wrong for fish. Kya made Salmon Confit. The judges say it is fantastic! Kyndall made a Branzino. Sadly, her fish is kind of mushy because she put it on the plate upside-down and her squash was overcooked. Nate made Seared Yellowfin Tuna. It looks very good and tastes delectable. And Ian made Tuna. Although he said he mj403nnforgot to season the fish Gordon says the sesame sauce added great flavor to the dish.

In the end the judges say the very best dish belongs to Nate. The bottom 3 dishes belong to Vivian, Kyndall andScreenshot_2015-11-23-07-32-25 Jaeclyn. The one who is safe is Jaeclyn, which means Vivian and Kyndall are going home. 😦  As they are leaving the MasterChef Kitchen everyone gathers for a big hug. Tae-Ho looks especially sad and Derek picks up Kyndall to show his support. Now, 18 young cooks remain.Screenshot_2015-11-21-07-03-57

I liked this episode because I liked that I got to see JJ cook something tasty and I liked how Derek was nice to his friends. He sure is giving adult Derrick a run for his money when it comes to good sportsmanship.