Max’s Recap Masterchef S6x03

(I’ll do the second episode at a later date…)

The third episode starts and we meet two more contestants. Charlie, is a 25 year old ac technician from New Orleans and Brianna is a hair stylist from Worcester, MA. In their first Mystery Box Challenge they find leftover ingredients from their kitchens at home. The 3 best dishes belong to Katrina with her Pork Schnitzel, Dan with his Savory Éclair and Hetal with her Coconut Curry Soup. They all look delicious but the person with the best dish is … Dan! He wins the first advantage. He is automatically in the top 20 because he doesn’t have to cook in Christina Tossi’s Apple Pie Elimination Test. Dan also gets a 2nd advantage because he is given a bag of 12 Granny Smith apples to save a dozen contestants. He gives safe apples to Kerry, Tommy, Katrina, Amanda, Shelly, Nick, Ailsa, Claudia, Hetal, Jesse, Justin, and Darah. Leaving Brianna, Derrick, Olivia, Sara, Charlie, Veronica, Mateo, Christopher and Stephen to cook for their lives. Mateo, a high school teacher from Atlanta, Georgia is upset because he has never cooked a pie before. Then Gordon adds more tension when says not one but two people will be going home. In the middle of the challenge while the judges are checking on the bakers Gordon is shocked to find out Olivia is not going to make a crust. In my opinion an apple pie without crust is just a bowl of baby food! After the time is up the first pie the judges taste is Veronica’s. Her pie looks like a mess but it ends up tasting great. Next is nervous Christopher. Gordon gets mad because he thinks 5 tablespoons of corn starch is too much. But, surprisingly all the judges say the pie ended up tasting great. Next up is Olivia whose pie was bad due to the odd addition of goat cheese. Derrick is next. His pie is good, but it lacks apples. Stephen’s pie has good filling but the pastry is raw. Charlie’s pie tastes good but the presentation shows a lack of technique. Mateo’s pie is bad according to Gordon because the apples slices are cut too thick and since he added ginger you can hardly taste the apples. Next is Sara, whose baked pie tastes and looks very good. Last up is Brianna. Unfortunately her pie was way too watery from the apples. The one who had the best pie was Christopher, the thirty year old the restaurant manager from LA. The 3 worst pies are made by Brianna, Mateo and Olivia. The first one to go is … Mateo, due the gingery thick apples in his pie. The next one to go is … Brianna because her pie is so soggy, which means Olivia is safe. Now there are 20 chefs left to compete.

I really liked this episode because of the ways they cooked a simple apple pie. I am excited for the next episode where they are going to cook in teams for people at a park. Team challenges are crazy.

Max’s Recap Masterchef S6x01

Gordon and Graham welcome the 20 cooks to the Masterchef kitchen then Gordon welcomes the new judge Christina Tossi. I think she’s going to be a good addition to the show. Gordon asks the cooks if they are ready to get there aprons. But when they all say “Yes!” Gordon has a surprise for them. 20 more cooks come in to compete! Taylor is surprised. He says that he thought they were the only 20. On the other side Derrick, a drummer, says he can “beat” out any of the 20 original cooks. Gordon explains that 2 cooks from each group will battle over their dishes for an apron. First up, cooking with shrimp, is Claudia and Andrew. Claudia says that she is a mom and was pregnant at 21 and Andrew is a politician. In the end Claudia gets the apron due to Andrew’s shrimp being overcooked. Next up, cooking with pork, is Tommy, a fashion designer and Stephen, an urban gardener. At first Tommy’s pork is raw but in the end Tommy gets the apron due to Stephens’s veggies being undercooked. Next, cooking lamb is Nate, Amanda, Moniza and Derrick. The first one to get the apron is Derrick with his pistachio crusted rack of lamb. The next one to get an apron is Amanda with her Kofta due to both Nate and Moniza’s lamb being undercooked. The next six aprons go to Alisa, Dan, Nick, Kerry, Mateo and Veronica. I guess we will learn more about them in upcoming shows. Next up, cooking salmon is Katrina and Taylor. The one who gets the apron is Katrina due to Taylor’s overcooked salmon. I thought this episode was really interesting in how they got their aprons. I’m really looking forward to the season!