Max’s MasterChef Recap 18 & 19


MasterChef Season 8 Episode 18 begins with the top 6 home cooks finding a letter from their loved ones under their final Mystery Box. Everyone is missing their family and the letters are very emotional, but not as emotional as the actual folks surprising them on stage. Jeff’s fiancée and baby, Yachecia’s daughter, Jason’s partner, Dino’s mum, Cate’s dad and Eboni’s daughter. They will make a dish inspired by the love of their family.

The first best dish belongs to Eboni who says I’m “I’m not cooking anymore, I’m cheffing it!” She made Herb Crusted Lamb with Gruyère, Sweet Potato Fondant, Swiss Chard and Red Wine Reduction. The lamb is a beautiful medium rare and herb crust is fresh and delicious.

Secondly, the judges want to try Yachecia’s dish. She says, “This is the most beautiful plate I have ever done in my life!” She made White Grape Gazpacho with Spicy Grilled Shrimp. Gordon says it is delicious and tastes expensive. It is visually stunning.

And third, Cate, who says, “I’m so pumped to have my Dad here to witness me get called to bring my dish to the judges!” She made Venison Loin with Chestnut Purée, Butternut Squash and Smoked Cherry Compote. The cook on the venison is gorgeous. Christina says the rub is amazing, nice and sweet, and every bite is perfection.

Cate wins the last Mystery Box Challenge! She is safe and gets to pick how long the others will have to cook an elevated Salmon dish. She sends Jason to the pantry first with the full 60 minutes, Eboni gets 50 minutes, Yachecia 40 minutes, Dino gets 30 minutes and Jeff gets only 20! Cate says it is because he has the poorest attitude in the kitchen. He can’t explain his dish to Gordon and only starts cooking the fish with 90 seconds to go!

Time is up!

Jason made Vietnamese Salmon with Daikon and Crab Slaw. The salmon is cooked beautifully and the slaw is delicious. His knife work is perfect.

Eboni made Crispy Skin Salmon with Bamboo Rice, Spinach and Avocado Remoulade. The seasoning looks nice and the cook on the fish is spot on. She nailed the forbidden rice. Aarón says each element on the dish is flawless.

Yachecia made Sweet & Hot Salmon with Braised Swiss Chard, Tuscan White Beans and Citrus Cream Sauce. Gordon says “it looks disgusting” and the fish is “hammered!” He actually spits it out!!! Not a dreamy dish.

Dino made Squash Wrapped Salmon with Fregola and Crab Stuffed Pepper. The fish is cooked nicely and the fregola’s flavor and texture are a smart pairing. An elegant dish.

And finally, Jeff’s 20 minute Mediterranean Salmon with Cheese-Tomato Relish and Fruit-Cucumber Gratin is basically raw. “Are you trying to poison me?!?” Jeff insists he wanted the fish to come out that way! Gordon is stunned.

While the judges are deliberating Dino and Jeff verbally spare. Dino teases Jeff about it not being a sushi challenge and Jeff comes back with pure rudeness. You will never hear the MasterChef Junior contestants treating each other with such disrespect. Not cool.

Not surprisingly, Yachecia and Jeff are the bottom 2. They both go home!! Yachecia’s salmon was miles away from what they expected from her and Jeff gets so defensive they felt they couldn’t teach him anymore because he wasn’t prepared to listen.

Yachecia says, “I’m bummed about being eliminated, but it’s kind of mixed emotions though, because I’m so proud of myself for going this far. There is no way in the world that I could feel disappointed because I’ve grown so much in this competition.”

Jeff says, “I’m leaving the MasterChef Kitchen but this but this journey bought out Jeff 2.0. My cooking has been elevated to a new level. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’m a very passionate person and so I might have ruffles a few feathers, honestly I probably have. But, I always worked hard, I supported my team, and I did the best I could.”


Next episode is number 19, the Semifinals.

The top 4 home cooks will compete in skills tests using Flour.  At the end, 3 cooks will be in the finale and 1 will go home empty handed. The best cook in each test will earn a spot in the top three.


First Test: Profiteroles


Jason’s profiteroles are glazed and baked well. There is pastry cream in every nook and cranny, and they taste great. Eboni’s profiteroles themselves look good but the white chocolate glaze is grainy and runny. Inside, the filling is beautiful and tastes great. Dino’s dark chocolate glaze looks grainy and dull. Inside they are beautifully filled and the profiterole is done well. But the glaze didn’t work. And Cate’s are a bit small, misshaped and messy. She filled them from the side, which is unconventional and the taste is a bit off. Pressure is on.

The first one in the finale is Music Teacher, JASON!


Second Test: Lava Cake


Eboni’s cake is baked well and tastes good. Dino’s cake is flat, undercooked but tastes great. Cate’s is slightly broken but tastes amazing.The next one going to the finale is Addiction Counselor, EBONI!


Third Test: 3 Cheese SoufflésDino and Cate do their very best to present three perfect cheese soufflés. All 3 soufflés are tasted at the same time and the judges don’t let on to what they think until they announce that the last home cook in the finale is …… Ballet Dancer, DINO!

Cate is going home. 😦  She says, “When I first came back here, I had one goal and it was to get my apron. I made it to the very last step before the finale. That’s huge. I had some obstacles throughout this competition and it feels like I’ve climbed over MT Everest to get to this point. Not only did I learn about cooking, I learned more about myself and my strengths and my weaknesses. I’ve won so many challenges. I came here for redemption and I redeemed myself and some. My dream was, yeah, to win the trophy, but I still feel like I won an experience of a lifetime.”



Max’s MasterChef Recaps S8/12-17

With two episodes a week airing it’s been tough to keep up. Here is a quick look at who went home:

Episode 12 “In a Pinch”

Jenny failed her with her crawfish then was unable to make dumplings. She was sent home. She said, “I’m disappointed. It’s a bummer to be going home. Top 10 was like this close (pinching her fingers together).This competition has changed my life in so many ways. I’m really, really proud with the person I’ve become, the confidence I’ve gained, and the passion that’s been really invigorated in me. I’m so excited for the next step.”

Episode 13 “Gordon’s Game of Chicken”

Despite cooking like a top level chef in his last challenge, Adam was sent home because his chicken was raw. Adam said “I’m sad to go, but the fact I made it to the top ten in the Masterchef Kitchen is so life affirming. As hard as it was to leave Harvard, coming here to the Masterchef Kitchen, totally worth it. I don’t have to worry about pursuing investment baking or pursing a law degree. I know what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life.”

Episode 14 “A Mexican Tag Team Challenge”

Caitlin goes home due to a lack of assertiveness in the team challenge with Jeff. Letting him take over was a mistake. She said, “I’m definitely disappointed, but I think the judges made the right decision because tonight I can see why they didn’t think my voice came through. But I can’t be sad that I was only part of the top 9. Like the top 9? That’s amazing. I’m so thankful for this experience, for putting me in a position to learn and grow. I consider this competition for me, a success.”

Episode 15 “The Great Outdoors”

Daniel goes home due to unmelted chocolate in his truffle pressure test. hhHe says, “I guess I’m supposed to be upset or disappointed but I’m not. I’m so happy with what I’ve done, what I’ve accomplished, and uh, I get to go home I get to hold my fiancée, I get to feel my baby kick. I’m going home to soon, but I’m going home happy and with my head held high. I may be 5’5, but I feel like I’m 8 feet tall right now.”

Episode 16 “Chopsticks & Pasta”

Gabriel is sent home due to his collapsing cannelloni in the pressure test. But what happened next is amazing!!! Gordon said Gabriel has the potential to be great and offered to send him to culinary school and help his family. Then Aarón offered him a job in New Orleans when he gets out of school. It’s better than winning the show! He says, “I’m not going back to fast food. I’m not going back to my regular routine. I’m changing my life and that is all thanks to “MasterChef” and what the judges have presented me. My parents have always struggled. They don’t make a lot of money so Chef Ramsey offering to pay for my culinary school and telling me not to stress about my parents is a huge relief because they are my main people that I care about, love and respect. On top of that, I get to go and experience this amazing food scene and this amazing restaurant that Chef Sanchez wants to put me at. To me that’s the world, that’s the jackpot. The trophy’s shiny but this is amazing!”


Episode 17 “Pop-Up Restaurant”

After a lot of team challenge drama in the vineyard and some trash talking between Dino and Jeff – no one actually goes home. Jeff, Cate and Eboni all make a great chocolate soufflé in the pressure test and the judges can’t find a reason to send one of them home. No one went home, thus not exit speech. I am guessing next week 2 go home and I’ll be writing my full recap on that episode. See you then!


Max’s MasterChef Recap S8x11


MasterChef Season 8 Episode 11 “Vegas Deluxe & Oyster Shucks” begins with the top 12 home cooks in Las Vegas to cook for Caesars Palace 50th Anniversary. Captain Dino gets to pick his whole team first or which protein his team will cook, sea bass or rib cap. Dino chooses people, so Captain Daniel gets to pick his protein and he chooses the fish. Dino’s Red Team is Jason, Eboni, Adam, Jenny & Cate. That means Daniel’s Blue Team is Catlin, Yachecia, Jeff, Gabriel & Newton. The VIP guests will vote on the dishes and the losing team will face the dreaded pressure test.

At the start of the cook time Daniel’s Blue Team quickly agrees on a menu. Dino’s team shoots down all his ideas and comes up with their own plan. Dino says he’ll try to make sure it isn’t the worst idea in the world. And Gordon asks, “Is Dino going to run the Red Team or is the Red Team going to run Dino?” 😮 Dino takes charge but they end up having a hard time getting the cook right on the steak.

The Blue Team is not able to complete their plates because Yachecia’s barley does not cook in time. Gordon tells her she should not get angry with him and it will be near the 60th anniversary by the time they get the Blue Team’s dish out. They have to go without it. MasterChef Champion Shaun is back again as VIP, he’s expecting a lot from the home cooks.


Time’s Up!

The Red Team serves Rib Cap with Parsnip Purée, Chanterelles and Romanesco with Hazelnut Crumble. The Blue Team serves Poached Sea Bass with Pickled Leeks, Turnip Purée and Stuffed Squash Blossom.

With 68% of the votes, the RED TEAM wins by a landslide! Captain Daniel picks two home cooks from his team for the pressure test. He chooses Yachecia and Newton! Newton says, “Path of least resistance. Old man. They want me outta here. I’m their strongest challenger. Daniel, he’s the captain. He’s the one who should be on this pressure test. What a lucky SOB he is. Thanks for driving the bus over me fella.”

Newton and Yachecia have to make Las Vegas on a plate – champagne poached oysters. The oysters need to be shucked. The capellini needs to be made from scratch. The tarragon beurre blanc needs to be draped over the oyster. The cucumber batons need to be cut perfectly. And the delicate dollops of caviar on top need to look beautiful. The home cooks will need finesse, timing and confidence to pull it off. Yachecia is panicking because she has never made anything like this before. She leaves her pasta in a pile instead of hanging it to dry before cooking. Newton knows he is out of his comfort zone but he is confident he can pull it off. But he is going too slow, can’t open his caviar jar and does not get everything on the plate before time is up!

Newton’s dish is incomplete, no caviar and no beurre blanc. His batons are not uniform. But his oysters and pasta are cooked perfectly.

Yachecia’s dish has all five elements. Her oysters are poached beautifully but her beurre blanc and her pasta are too thin. And the pasta is greasy.


While the judges deliberate:

Newton says, “Ten months ago I had a stroke, and spent most of January sick and in the hospital. It’s a huge sacrifice for my family to be here, and for that, I owe them a MasterChef Trophy. There’s no way I can go back home right now.”

Yachecia says, “Food and ministry are the two elements that I’m most passionate about. Now I have the opportunity to take my food dream to whole different level. This is extremely important to me.”


The person who executed their champagne oyster dish just a touch better, the person returning to the MasterChef Kitchen … is … going to be revealed NEXT WEEK!?!

Spoiler Alert! It is Yachecia! 🙂





Max’s MasterChef Recap S8x10


In MasterChef Season 8 Episode 10 “The MASTERCHEF Returns” previous season winner Shaun comes back to inspire the home cooks. He has been traveling the world, been on the MasterChef Cruise and has released his cookbook, “”My Modern American Table.” Shaun put together some of his favorite ingredients for the Mystery Box Challenge: Forelle pears, parsnips, butternut squash and venison tenderloin. Shaun is going to cook alongside the contestants for inspiration and then stay to judge the best three dishes.

At the end of 60 minutes Caitlin’s dish is the first one called forward. She made Seared Venison Loin with Squash-parsnip Purée and Blackberry Sauce. The dish looks great and Shaun loves the taste.

Yachecia made almost the same thing except with Brussels sprout slaw. Aarón gave the dish high marks. The venison is cooked perfectly, but the purée is a bit confusing, is it butternut or parsnip? He says the slaw makes the dish memorable.

And Cate made Spice Rubbed Venison with Celery Root Purée, Shallots, Carrots and Blackberry Sauce. Gordon says that visually the dish is like art. The cook on the meat is spot on and taste amazing. Shaun says it is very close to his finale dish from last season. She knocked it out of the park.

Cate wins the Mystery Box. She is safe from Elimination and gets to choose whether the rest of the cooks will make a sweet to savory coconut dish. Cate decides Jeff, Yachecia, Adam, Dino, and Jason will make sweet dishes. And Newton, Caitlin, Jenny, Daniel, Eboni and Reba will make savory dishes.

During the one hour cook time Jeff’s dislike of baking is very dramatic. His cupcakes fall and he almost gives up! Christina tells him to think about how he plates a savory dish and plate his coconut cakes like that. He pulls it together mentally and goes the route of the “deconstructed” dessert ala Chopped 3rd Round!

Time is up.

Dino made Coconut Cream Puff with Earl Grey, Chocolate, Coconut Cream and Rum. It looks like a volcano and Gordon says it is weirdly delicious, a stunning restaurant quality dessert.

Jeff made “Deconstructed” Cupcakes with Candied Almond-Raspberry Crumble. Gordon says he’s sick and tired of the word “deconstructed” because it is used to cover up a mess. They look and taste bad. He might be done in the MasterChef Kitchen.

Eboni made Lobster & Shrimp Curry with Coconut-Lemongrass Rice and Fried Plantains. The curry is dynamite but Aarón says it needs more herbs to wake up the dish.

Newton made Coconut Crusted Snapper with Sticky Rice, Coconut-Lime Beurre Blanc and Avocado Salsa. Gordon doesn’t like the buffet table presentation and mix of global cuisines. The cook on the fish is good in an otherwise confusing dish.

Yachecia made Coconut & Lime Tart with Chocolate-Coconut Crust and Coconut Meringues. Aarón says it is baked well and tastes good, but the meringues may not be needed.

Caitlin’s Sweet & Spicy Pork Butt with Coconut Rice Pilaf, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Broccolini did not work out because the meat is undercooked. The sides are good but the protein is a disaster. Gordon says her worst dish yet.

Reba made Coconut Shrimp with Asparagus and Coconut Sauce. Although she thinks it looks pretty, Gordon says it is dreadful. “It looks like something from a Waikiki beach buffet back in 1984.” The shrimp is rubbery, the breading is falling off and the sauce is too sweet. The asparagus tastes good though.

And Daniel made Coconut Seafood Soup with Crab, Lobster, Snapper and Coconut Rice. His broth is amazing, the seafood is cooked perfectly. It is time to shine.

Dino and Daniel dishes were outstanding.

Caitlin, Jeff, Reba & Newton are the bottom four. Catlin and Newton are safe. Between Jeff and Reba, Gordon is sorry to tell Reba she is going home. “There is so much respect for you in this room. You started work at fifteen. Fifteen, that’s unheard of. And I think you gave everyone standing behind you an education, and that is the work ethic. You want something in life, get off your ass and work for it. We are going to miss you.”

Reba says, “I’m proud of myself and know my family’ll be proud of me. I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve got to meet three of the most amazing chefs in the world. I’ve got to meet some amazing people. I got to learn some new dishes that I would have never thought or dreamed of. It’s just too soon to go, but I’m going home to the best thing in the world and that’s my family.”

12 home cooks left.

Max’s MasterChef Recap S8x09


MasterChef Season 8 Episode 9 is called “Holy Cannoli.” It starts with the top 14 home cooks arriving to find out they will be cooking in teams for a restaurant filled with local ingredient purveyors, like vegetable farmers, artisan butchers, bee keepers, flour millers and herb growers. And they will be cooking with their amazing products.The judges pick 21 year old Adam as the Red Team Captain. He chooses Brien, Eboni, Dino, Newton, Yachecia and Jeff for his team. And 24 year old Caitlin will be Blue Team Captain. She chooses Daniel, Cate, Jenny, Jason, Gabriel and Reba.

During the 90 minutes cook time each team has to decide on a menu and work together to produce an extraordinary meal. Gordon is worried about the Blue Team leaving the skin on the halibut and the judges can’t believe they want to serve cheese and fish on the same plate. And Christina questions the Red Team’s plan to put some many different ingredients on their plate, the combination of flavors might be dreadful, but it turns out the protein is their downfall. Butchering and cooking the pork chops is too challenging for Brien, he cuts them wrong and burns them too!!!! (should have let Eboni take over after all).

Time is up. The Red Team served Grilled Pork Chop with Parmesan Polenta and Braised Bok Choy. The Blue Team served a Pan Seared Halibut with Fingerling Potatoes and Heirloom Tomato Salad. The purveyors voted on their favorite dish and the Blue Team wins 19 to 11, a landslide! The Red Team is going to the dreaded Pressure Test.

Yachecia (not Brien, as Captain Adam wanted) is saved by the judges because her component, the polenta, was highly praised by all the diners. The rest of the Red Team will be making a treasured Italian classic, six perfect cannoli, two flavors, three of each. Dino is crazy happy. He says, “It’s cannoli! Oh my god, it’s cannoli! I didn’t have a pacifier growing up as a baby. I had a cannoli.” 🙂


During the sixty minute cook time there is some trash talking. Brien says Eboni is ready to go home and that she is the worst home cook in this pressure test. This kind of talk is something the junior home cooks never do. They stay positive and control their anger. Not like Jeff who swears and throws his hat when he is running out of time! And not like Eboni, who shows her frustration by flipping Adam and Brien the bird.

Time is up.

Adam’s cannoli are sloppy looking, but the shells are beautifully fried. The cherry almond flavored cannoli is just “eh.” The ginger and matcha flavored cannoli are too “wormy.”

Dino’s cannoli look stunning. His classic and peanut butter flavored cannoli honor the spirit of his grandmother. Aarón thinks they are great.

Eboni’s cannoli look incredible. Her raspberry and Meyer lemon flavors are delicious. Both shell and filling are near perfect!

Brien O’Brien only got four cannoli in his box and they look horrid. Christina says the filling in the raspberry flavored cannoli is too loose and, “With all due respect, it looks a little throw-uppy.” And the peanut butter flavor filling in the other one is fine, but it just doesn’t belong in a cannoli. Fail.

Jeff’s cannoli are also pretty bad. They look bad and taste horrible.

And finally, Newton’s cannoli are not pretty, but Gordon says they taste amazing and there is great potential with more refinement.

Dino, Eboni and Newton exceled at the cannoli challenge and are safe.

Adam, Brien, and Jeff are the weakest home cooks tonight. Adam and Jeff are safe, so the one going home is Brien O’Brien.His exit speech: “Everyone has their day. Today was not mine. Obviously I’m disappointed. Very few times in my life have I ever been humbled, but, I’m going to take this as a learning experience. I’m going to go home with my head held high and I’m going to remember it for the rest of my life.”


Max’s MasterChef Recap S8x08


MasterChef Season 8 Episode 8 is called “Whole-Y Cow.” It starts with the top 15 home cooks arriving to see Gordon escorting Daisy the Dairy Cow into the MasterChef Kitchen! Their next Mystery Box Challenge is make a restaurant quality dish starring one ingredient that comes from a cow, including milk! They choose their cow part randomly and have sixty minutes to get cooking.

As the home cooks decide what they are going to make with their cow part, Necco talks about getting the beef tongue. Uh oh! :0 He has never cooked with it before, but he says he is confident he can elevate the difficult ingredient.


Cowboy Newton got a porterhouse steak and Gordon tells him he needs to bounce himself back into the competition. Newton wants to redeem himself and says if he doesn’t he’ll have to move away from Texas!Gabriel is a little worried about cooking with the kidneys. He’s never worked with kidneys, he’s never seen kidneys, he’s never eaten kidneys, but he wants to show the judges something that looks like something he would want to eat, and he doesn’t even meat!

Times up! The judges choose three most tempting dishes.

The first best dish belongs to Newton. He made Herb Crusted Porterhouse with Red Onion-Chipotle Marmalade, Braised Greens and Mashed Potatoes. The steak is cooked perfectly, seasoned well and tastes amazing. Gordon says it is Newton at his best!

Jeff has the next best dish. He made Espresso Rubbed Skirt Steak with Sweet Potato-Pepper Quartet, Salsa Verde and Street Corn. Aarón says the steak is cooked medium rare and has great flavor. His corn was a little under done but the seasoning was right.

And third best dish is Brien’s Braised Chuck Roast with Red Wine Glaze, Cauliflower Purée and Frisée Salad. The difficult cut of chuck is tender and juicy, but the presentation is a little clunky.

And the Mystery Box Challenge winner is … Newton! He is safe from the Elimination Challenge and saves the 7 home cooks he thinks are the weakest: Jenny, Catlin, Dino, Reba, Adam, Daniel and Brien. Leaving Cate, Jeff, Necco, Jason, Yachecia and Gabriel to cook the prized, but temperamental Hanger Steak.

During the one hour cook time the strongest home cooks (by Newton’s mind) duke it out in the kitchen. Again, Gabriel has never cooked or eaten this cut of meat. He seems to screw up when he takes the meat out of the oven, but then puts it back in. Big no-no! Will this mistake send him home?

Time is up.

Jason’s Five-Spice Hanger Steak with King Trumpet Mushrooms, Broccolini and French Fries looks like a chef’s dish but the steak is a bit undercooked but the marinade helped a lot.

Jeff’s Hanger Steak with White Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and Brussels sprouts looks a little slovenly, but the meat is a good medium rare and the dish tastes fantastic.

Eboni’s Hanger Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Mushrooms and Sweet Potatoes is visually rudimentary. The meat is a beautiful medium rare and tastes delicious. The sides are nothing special.

Gabriel’s Hanger Steak with Caramelized Carrots and Crispy Potatoes presents as a very plain dish. The meat has a good sear but is undercooked and so tastes pretty bad. Gordon is upset about this silly mistake.

Cate’s Hanger Steak with Romesco Sauce, Grilled Asparagus and Stuffed Shishito Peppers is a thing of beauty. The medium cook is spot on and has and a great flavor. Aarón is very impressed by the whole dish.

Necco’s Hanger Steak with Morels, Stuffed Tomato and Potato Cake confuses Christina who thinks it looks like dollhouse food! The steak is undercooked and the rest of the plate is disappointing.

And Yachecia’s Herb Marinated Hanger Steak with Mushrooms, Polenta Cakes and Roasted Asparagus is a visually appealing. Gordon says it has that wow factor. The beef is cooked perfectly and tastes delicious. The sides go quite nicely together.

Cate and Yachecia make the best two Hanger Steaks and are the first to be safe.Jeff and Eboni did just enough to also be safe.

Jason, Gabriel and Necco’s steak dishes were not good. Gordon says it comes down to who learns from their mistakes better, and this time the home cook going home is Necco. He says, “I’m super disappointed to leave this competition. Newton’s plan worked. Looks like he’s sending home one of the strongest competitors in the game right now. When I first came into the MasterChef kitchen, I was just another guy from a small town in South Carolina. But today, I’m leaving an accomplished home cook, with a foundation to create so much more in the world of cooking.”

Max’s MasterChef Recap S8x07


MasterChef Season 8 Episode 7 is called “Breakfast, Lunch & Winner.” It starts with the top 16 home cooks walking into the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. They will work in teams making breakfast in the Belvedere for the hotel guests. Cate and Yachecia were the best home cooks during the previous lamb challenge, so they will be captains.

Cate’s Red Team is Eboni, Brien, Newton, Gabriel, Necco, Daniel & Adam. Yachecia’s Blue Team is Jason, Jeff, Jenny, Dino, Jennifer, Reba & Catlin.

The teams will need to work together to create 5 different breakfast dishes, served to order: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Potato Waffles & Lobster, Classic American Breakfast, Three Egg Omelet.

During the cook time Cate has trouble leading the Red Team. Adam serves raw lobster, Cate ruins an omelet and their plates are not coming out fast enough. Gordon fires Cate as a captain and everyone agrees that Eboni should take over. She gets everyone working together and the plates look great and are getting out to the tables.

Over on the Blue Team Jennifer is slow on frying the eggs and the food that is ready to go gets cold and has to be thrown out. Jeff tries to serve a dish with uncooked eggs and gets into a shouting match with Gordon! They never really recover no matter how many chances they get. Red Teams wins. Blue Team loses they are going to the dreaded Pressure Test.

Yachecia has to choose between saving herself or six members of her team. She says “the captain goes down with the ship” and decides to save six home cooks: Jason, Caitlin, Jenny, Reba, Dino & Jeff. That means Yachecia and Jennifer will battle to stay. They will make a MasterChef-Quality Fish & Chips.

During the 45 minute cook time Jennifer realizes she forgot to bring lemon from the pantry. She asks Yachecia for help and Yachecia gives Jennifer her extra lemon. Time is up


Yachecia’s fish ‘n chips look nice and crispy. The fish is cooked well and has a good flavor but her fries are too thick and a little greasy. Jennifer’s fish is cut too thick, but tastes okay. Her fries are cut and cooked perfectly. But the fish needed to shine.

In the end, Yachecia is safe. Gordon says, “Oh Jennifer, honestly, you’re going home way too early, in our eyes.” Aarón says, “If you ever need some time to get better at your skills, my doors are always open.”She says, “This Louisiana girl, who made it to the top 16 of MasterChef — if I can do it, anybody can do it. So if you ever have any question in your mind that you’re not good enough or you’re not doing something and your unhappy, change your life. No more debt collecting. I’m not gonna be knocking on doors. I’m gonna go back to New Orleans and I’m gonna go to Aarón’s restaurant. I’m gonna take him up on that offer and hopefully one day I’ll have a restaurant and it will be right down the street from him.”